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Book Release; Publishing Gets Easier; Covers Covers Covers

Today I had exactly one thing on my ‘to-do’ list, and that one thing was check the time/date stamps on Power Play. Turns out a couple of them were wonky! Mostly due to little changes in the editing process, and my forgetting that a regular entry timestamp is for when it was ‘published’ and a LUS entry is for when it’s started. As I’ve said previously, this is a tiny, tiny thing that most likely 99% of people wouldn’t even THINK to think about, but it matters to me. So, a few minor corrections and adjustments, an updated NCX file, and everything’s all neat and nice. September 1st release? Yes, I think so. What could be a better start to the month than a fresh new book release?

It’s interesting (to me, probably not to anyone else) how publishing gets easier as you go along. I fretted and dithered for ages over hitting ‘publish’ on my first few books, and even as recently as Imogen Shroud I spent an hour just flicking through the e-book certain that there were mistakes or that I’d accidentally put a picture of a dead rat between chapters three and four or something. But with Miya Black III I barely worried at all, and thinking about hitting publish on Power Play I’m not a bit nervous–it’s another thing that needs to be done, I’m happy and excited (and relieved) to be able to put it out, but the actual act of publishing has become normal to me. I am choosing to think of this as a Good Thing.

Anyway, as a reward for finishing Power Play today I just faffed around writing notes for Codename: Fantasy Losers, and mucking around with the cover:

“Although it started out rather bright and chirpy, we can see how the cover became ‘grungier’ with each iteration.”

Larger version of the current ‘final’ cover (although the book’s title will almost certainly be changed and I’ll probably muck around with it a bit more):

I also played around with an idea for the book–it’s kind of a fantasy RPG thing the details of which I haven’t quite worked out, I have a few potential plotlines and pages of ideas and quite a few characters but I haven’t yet found the heart of the story. It’s not really a parody, more of an underdog sports story than anything–but anyway, one idea I had was to give each character their own ‘stat card’, a little like you might find in an RPG wargame or similar. The moment I stumbled upon the idea of using ‘parody alignments’ a whole bunch of things suddenly came together and several characters immediately established themselves in my mind, it was rather exciting as you can no doubt imagine–anyway, I’m not sure if I’ll include these cards in the finished book but in any case they’re kind of fun:

“Lawful Squeeful” is my new favourite parody alignment, usurping “Lawful Angry” and just beating “Chaotic Bored”.

So it turned out that my day off was actually quite productive, albeit in a fairly directionless sort of way. Next up? At this point I’m not sure. I think I’ll just potter around for a few days until something takes hold of me.

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