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Last Girl Standing

So I just hit publish on Neon Bug City, the next book set in the Charlotte Powers galaxy (although she’s had to give over the protagonist reins to Ezekeli “Ellie” Kane, professional sad old arsehole).  It’s about giant ants and depression.  I wasn’t going to put up a post until it was actually available but it turns out I didn’t post about putting out Treasure Guardians, which is weird because I could have sworn I did.

So well anyway. I did a book with my daughters and it turned out pretty okay.  It’s called Treasure Guardians and it’s about a bunch of amnesiac kids fighting monsters for loot.  You can go take a look at it riiiiiight here.  This is my favourite chapter heading illustration from it:

TG - Chapter - 15.gif

The other thing is that I’ve started putting up stuff on Gumroad, which seems like a good sort of distribution bizzo even if the image server breaks every other day.  Everything’s pay what you want starting from zero dollars and there are the first episodes of a couple of serial stories there, SRPG underdog sports story Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart, horrible deathmurder killnasty Death Theory, and beautiful ugly teenage monster drama Remember When Things Weren’t Broken.  These are being released on an interest system, by which I mean if there’s any interest I’ll keep putting them out.  I’ll also be putting my other stuff on there in a haphazard once-I-get-around-to-it fashion.  If there’s anything in particular you want to see then just tell me.  You’d be astounded just how much influence the most throwaway comment can have on my habits.  Charlotte Powers 5 got finished about three months early because of a random tweet from someone who liked the series.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. See you tomorrowish once Neon Bug City goes live.

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Japanese On The Kindle Part III: Tentative Success

After some fiddling and faddling and a touch of faffery, I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong re: displaying Japanese text on the Kindle. It’s really basic. It’s embarrassing to even admit, but here we go:

I forgot the UTF-8 meta tag.

I know! That’s a ridiculous thing to forget! But I’m sharing my error here so that others looking for guides on formatting HTML with Japanese text for the Kindle might learn from my silliness. So here we go:


1 – Don’t forget to add the proper UTF-8 meta tag like a big fule.

As long as your html file is in correct UTF-8 format (by which I mean you’ve got something very similar to <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ /> in your header and you haven’t saved it as shift-jis or something), the Kindle will display your mobi file without a word of complaint–and it looks brilliant, too. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is very exciting.

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