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Neon Bug City

Well would you just look at this. Two posts in two days.  Back to back!  I hope this doesn’t establish some sort of unrealistically expectant precedent.

Anyway, it seems like Neon Bug City is live on evil global megacorporation Amazon dot com, and also on friendly socialistic sometimes broken but always happy Gumroad.  It’s probably some weird amount on Amazon because their pricing thing is bonkers.  It’s whatever you feel like paying on Gumroad, including zero dollars (&zero cents).  Get it from wherever you like, and know that I don’t really mind whether you pay for it or not.  If you read it and enjoy it then maybe tell someone, that’d be nice.

Oh, it’s the latest thing set in the Charlotte Powers solar system.  Giant ants.  Sad old mercenary protag.  Quite a bit of action.  Some feelings.  There’s a few gags I’m pretty happy with.  Overall, definitely a book.

I also put a few more things up on Gumroad while I was mucking around, the Resonances are there, and Imogen Shroud, so if you’re in the mood for a big long vaguely post-apocalyptic dark fantasy kids-with-powers thing, (or cosplaying zombies), then go grab ’em.  Episodic fiction experimentios Bright Battle Story and Death Theory and Remember When are also things that exist.

That’s all.  Don’t expect more posts and you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time,

with love,

BJK White
(The Author Person)

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Please Don’t Say You Are Lazy; Datte Hontou Wa Crazy

There’s absolutely no reason for that post title aside from the fact that this line has been running through my head all day. Also I’ve been muttering lines from Motteke Sailor-Fuku to myself all week, I’m not sure what that’s about. Maybe anime OPs are like LSD and if you listen to them too often you get flashbacks for years afterwards.

Still working away at Resonance Book Two: Against Darker Days. Up to 145k and almost at the beginning of the end, so I’d say around 180k – 200k to finish. I may cut out some scenes, though. Not sure. After this first draft is finished I have to set it aside for a while. It’s a big, involved book with a lot going on, and I need distance before I read it through again to make sure it all works. Lots of characters running around all doing their own thing–as long as I can keep everyone’s motivations clear I think it’ll be easy to follow. Pacing is also an issue, there’s a balance between moving things forward and allowing characters time to develop. I suspect I’ve been a little self-indulgent as far as letting characters talk to each other is concerned, I think on my first actual objective read-through I’ll be yelling at myself to just get things moving in more than one scene. That’s okay, though, that’s what second drafts are for.

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to getting this one finished, maybe another week or so and it’ll be done and I can move on to something else, most likely Charlotte Powers 2. (I’ve been in such a superheroes mood lately.)


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The Characters, They Will Not Behave

Tearing through this book lately, just writing writing writing–and then suddenly a character goes, “Actually it makes no sense for me to do this, I’m going to do this instead. No, you can’t stop me. No, there’ll be no discussion. Yes, this means you’re going to have to outline my story.”

And I kind of go, oh. Okay. But I was kind of enjoying first drafting–

“That’s too bad, because now you’re going to have to do more outlining.”

But couldn’t I–

“This will improve the story. This will make for a better book.”

And of course I can’t argue with that. So I’m back to outlining and writing notes, but this will make the book better, and it’ll also allow me to lay a little groundwork for the next book in the series, so oh well. It’ll also probably bump the final word count over 200k but I figured I was heading that way anyway, might as just accept it now and be happy.

In any case, fifty thousand words written over the last, oh … six days? Seven? Something like that.

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Taking Time, Outlines (maybe finished?), Quiet Writing, Arya Again

Sometimes taking time away from a project is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes that time apart means that coming back to it is difficult, that the ideas that came so easily before just aren’t there now. Sometimes you have to spend hours just trying to find the threads you left dangling, to be able to continue them.

And sometimes taking that break is the best thing you could do, sometimes you come back and in two hours you have more good ideas and moments of sparkling inspiration than you had in the twenty hours previously spent on things.

With Resonance Book Two: Against Darker Days, thankfully the latter was true. Just ripping through the outline lately, really pulling things together, and with that comes this enormously reassuring feeling of optimism. Stayed up until half past three last night working on it, I just couldn’t tear myself away. It’s not exactly finished yet, but all three main storylines are plotted out, all the major events are connected. So, while I think about how much more I should outline, I’ve quietly been writing away, just working on the character introductions (two old characters, four new). I got stuck on one point for quite a while (the perils of working without a proper outline) but I figured it out today and managed to squeeze a decent scene out of it, I might change it later but it got me onto the next part, which is the important thing. JKW: Just Keep Writing.

Suspecting now that this is going to be a longer book than Birds of Passage. That’s okay for a sequel, right? Lots of stories to show, lots of character arcs to explore. It might edge against 200k. From my point of view, there’s only one problem with this: EDITING IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER. Still, if it takes 200,000 words to tell this story properly then 200,000 words I will use. Even so, I’m definitely going to have to ‘stagger’ this one, chaining editing passes on a book this long is just asking for burnout. An August release is looking increasingly likely. I don’t want to rush this one.

Also I’ve watched Arya’s swordfight lesson five times now and it still hasn’t gotten old.

Arya YAY

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Further cover faffery

Got rid of the ‘cloak in the wind’ and the rocks and did about a hundred other things. New logo, too, I thought the old one was a little too cartoony. The new one is closer to what I wanted, halfway between ‘stone’ and ‘gem’, and a lower saturation helps it fit into the cover. Oversaturation on the rock gives a better feel for the light of the scene, and it’s a nice effect. Highlighting on the figure gives it more texture and makes it more ‘real’, also helps anchor it. I’m happy with the blurry, almost glowing ’emerald city in the distance’ effect. Not entirely sure about the sky. Some alternatives:

I’m kind of leaning towards the last one right now, somehow it feels lonelier than the others, which I always like. I think the colour of the sky works well with the oversaturated rock, too. In any case, I feel like I’m close to ‘final’ now. When I start fiddling around with layers I know I’m close to the end. Anyway, I’ll sleep on it and look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes.

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Resonance: Birds of Passage – Cover ReFRESH!

Being in a Resonance kind of mood today, I’ve been working on a new cover for the first one. Why? Well, the old one’s too boring. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with it, it’s just not interesting enough. Looking at it objectively, there’s nothing about the cover that makes me want to know more about the book. It’s fine, but it’s just a cover. Nothing special.

So I fiddled and I faddled and I faffed and I … fiffed, possibly, and I came up with this (old on the left for comparison):

Can I just say, here and now, I HATE DRAWING FEET. Feet are awful. So fiddly and … footish, I don’t know, they’re just really hard to get right. It’s no wonder I usually just leave them out, I mean look at Imogen Shroud’s cover, not a foot in sight and all the better for it. Also, although I kind of semi-rebelled against it at first, I’ve come to quite enjoy the extra width of the Kindle’s recommended cover size.

Even just looking at it now I can see so many things that need to be changed, but as a concept I think this is decent. Better than the old cover, anyway, more interesting and with more of an ‘identity’. Also, I love this kind of style–no details, just coloured silhouettes with a little texture. I haven’t sold any of BoP for, oh, weeks–none this month, certainly–so a cover change couldn’t hurt. Actually, neither BoP or Charlotte Powers are selling this month, it’s only sales for Miya Black that are trickling in (plus one shy of a dozen for Imogen Shroud, a respectable launch for an unknown indie author, I feel). To be honest I’m left wondering where even those Miya Black sales are coming from.

Anyway, I’m going to do a giveaway for Birds of Passage soon, because I’d really love for it to find an audience. I know, I know, be patient, don’t rush, give it six months before you start to question yourself or your book, but I don’t think that cover is doing it any favours. Hopefully with a fresh cover and a nice juicy giveaway I’ll get some interest before the sequel comes out (which won’t be for a few months at least, still slooooowly outlining).

To celebrate fresh new covers, let’s go to … the moon! DuckTales style!

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Doing Just Fine

I sold three copies of Imogen Shroud overnight! Yay! YAY! I know this is the honeymoon period, new release and all that, but still, yay! Oh, so exciting. Releasing a new book is great. I’m getting lots of great feedback about ImoShrou’s cover and title, which is lovely–I just had such a good feeling about them, the title especially, and it’s always nice to have your feelings validated. And the idea for the cover came to me pretty much instantly, fully-formed, black-on-white, Imogen standing there with the zombies behind her–it went through several variations but the final cover is close to my original digital sketch. In fact:

Same concept, improved execution. Also, it seems like some people are a bit sick of gory zombie covers–there was a thread about it on Amazon’s ‘Zombie’ community, and a lot of the indie zombie books I’ve seen have used the same photos (which aren’t particularly good to begin with) (but then I don’t really like photo covers for books). I think the non-gory, more abstract, non-photographic cover is a nice point of difference. Hopefully in six months when it (also hopefully) starts showing up on the ‘also-bought’ lists of other zombie books, it’ll stand out as interesting and encourage people to take a look.

Today, more outlining for Against Darker Days, and probably some family activities. It’s a crisp, clear early Autumn day, so maybe a drive to see the changing colours, that’d be fun.

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‘Working’, Freedom, Outlining (couldn’t write without it)

Taking it easy today, which means outlining and research. I love this part of the writing process, the ‘notes’ stage, everything’s so loose. Coming from editing and proofing, which is all about tightening down and polishing, it just feels so nice to have some freedom–to make big choices, instead of tiny little nitpicky ones.

In any case, I’m working on Against Darker Days, the sequel to Birds Of Passage. Charlotte Powers 2 needs to take a break, I need to make one really huge decision about the way I’m going to write it, and I need more time to think before I’m ready to handle that. And so, in the meantime, Resonance. The sequel has three main ‘threads’, each concerning a different group of characters, so I’m writing the outline for each seperately. It’s not so much an A Plot, B Plot, C Plot as it is three A Plots–everyone’s the hero of their own story, right? And then there are other characters who are doing their own thing, powerful forces influencing events–working everything out is hard work and a little bit headachey, but also a lot of fun. It’s like a huge puzzle, where you can change the shape of the pieces as you please–except changing one also changes others, and things that once fit together suddenly don’t, and then you realise that THIS piece isn’t even for this puzzle, it’s for another, entirely different puzzle, and that this piece doesn’t go here, it’s goes here, and … well, you get the idea. I have no idea how writers who don’t outline do it, if I just started writing this story I’d be lost within a dozen pages.

Anyway, back to ‘work’. I love writing characters who are clever, genuinely clever, but also a little bit too much in love with their own cleverness to realise they’re totally and utterly wrong. Fun fun fun.

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Saaaaaample … SUNDAY!

Today is SAMPLE SUNDAY! Well it’s not, actually, but since New Zealand is a day ahead of a lot of other places I thought I should wait. Hello … from the FUTURE!

I’m going to put an excerpt from Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage, since I haven’t done much to spread the word about it. Here we go!

~ Revenant ~

The Long Goodbye

Warmth. Gentle, flickering light, dancing over the leaves and the earth and the rocks, painting them all in countless shades of red and yellow and orange.

simply had to meet you. You see, my little friend here told me that you were rather special.”

Voices. Voices interrupting the complex perfection of the fire’s light.

“Don’t tell anyone I have that, by the by, it’s supposed to be something of a secret.”

Words. Useless, pointless words.

Then, shock. Realisation. This is the Judging Place. It exists! Despite my doubt I have come here! Finally, finally I can

“There’s a certain someone in my life who would be more than a little unhappy to find out that I possessed such a toy.”

Further realisation. Deeper shock. This is not the Judging Place. This is the forest outside of Sufferance. These are not Judges. These are normal people.

Somehow, I am not dead.

Somehow, I am alive.

“But, oh, where are my manners? I haven’t even introduced myself yet. I shall do so now, then.”

Memories, then. Of faces. Of voices. These voices said words that were not useless. Sometimes the words were not important, but rather what lay behind the words. Beyond them.

Naz’s head rolled to the left. He could see everything. The two men. The girl, tied to a tree. I know her, he thought. That is the girl who met me when I was dead, the girl who showed me the way back.

Why is she tied to a tree?

Why am I tied to a tree?

Something is very wrong here.

“My name is Edward Swift.”

The girl was silent. From somewhere her name came to Naz: Lina.

“Come now,” said the young man with useless words; Edward. “I was expecting more of a reaction than that. What’s your name?”

Lina didn’t reply.

“Fine then,” said Edward, a little pout to his voice. “You don’t want to tell me your name. I can understand that. You’re playing hard to get, which I appreciate. Perhaps you could tell me something else, then.”

Edward stepped closer to Lina, still smiling, always smiling.

“What’s your power? What can you do?”

Lina just looked at him.

“Because I know you can do somethingyes, I do. I’d say Pyre there’s a wimpy little ‘pure’ adept, but that’s just a guess. How about you, farm girl? Control over plants, maybe? Can you make your tomatoes oh so plump and juicy? Come on, you can tell meor don’t.”

Edward’s smile became just a little brighter, just a little wider. When he spoke again there was a catch of pleasure in his voice:

“That would be much more fun.”

Lina remained silent.

“Oh, good.”

Edward took another step towards Lina. He held up his hand, displaying it to her, turning it this way and that. There was a faint blurry glow in the air above his palm, and a low, deep hissing sound.

“I’ll go first, then,” he said, his tone light and friendly. “I control fire. One of my favourite things to do with it is to make people hurt. I’ve gotten this flame hot enough to melt lead before, can you imagine what it does to human flesh?”

Edward took another step towards Lina, close enough to touch her now. Her eyes were on him, big and bright and terrified.

“Are you going to talk? You look wonderfully scared. I’ll ask again, with the hope that you don’t answer: what do you control?”

Lina just stared, her whole body shaking. Naz longed to do something, to reach out to her, to somehow break his bonds and leap to her rescue, but he could do nothing. I am weak, he thought, useless, I cannot save the girl who saved me, I am worthless, I was not worth saving.

Edward was grinning at Lina now. He glanced back at Ren, who was obviously enjoying this just as much as he was.

“One final time, Ren?” he asked. Ren shrugged in response, grinning. “I think it would be best.” Edward turned back to look at Lina. “One final time, so that I cannot later be accused of being unfair. What power do you have, farm girl? What do you control?”

Lina made a sound; not a squeak, not a whimper, but more a tiny, contained sob. To Naz, it sounded like nothing less than pure fear.

Edward’s bright hazel eyes ran over Lina’s body, searching, appraising. After a few seconds they settled on her right upper arm. He raised his hand again, the glow above his palm brighter than before, more focused, showing it to her, the light of it reflected in her terrified eyes.

“We begin,” he said, and then slowly, luxuriantly, he reached towards her arm


Ren stepped forward as Edward staggered back. Jek looked up from sharpening his axe.

Lina stood, still tied to the tree, panting, almost crying, her upper arm scorched. But when Edward looked up at her, pain and fury in his eyes, Lina’s heavy breathing stopped and she looked straight back at him, and when she spoke it was with more controlled calm than panicked fear:

“I control pain.”

Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage – Available now for the Kindle eReader, 99 cents. It’s a pretty long book so the sample is huge! So there’s this tremendous sense of value. Anyway, it’s a great book, and I wrote it so I should know. Give it a try and see if it’s to your taste. What have you got to lose?

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