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Good, Good, Good

I had rather a pleasant time this evening fiddling around on TVTropes, making/updating pages for a few of my books. Apparently it’s fine to make a page for your own work just as long as you don’t get possessive, which won’t be a problem for me at all. The toughest part was getting over the slightly cringy ‘ooh troping my own work feels a bit off’ factor, which to be honest is still there a little. But anyway, I think it’s good to have a starting point at least, so that perhaps sometime in the future others may add to the pages.

Aside from that, Power Play (along with the first Miya Black and Resonance books, just for fun) is still available free here:

Secret GET!

I’ve already had a few downloads and donations, which is really just … it’s lovely, is what it is. My fans are, like, the BEST fans. Eventually I think this is the direction I’ll go in, offer all of my books on a ‘pay if you feel like it’ basis. is great for distribution (well, when it works), but it’d be nice to do things my own way. The biggest downside is that Amazon’s magic syncing thing won’t work, and you can’t read the books on the cloud reader.

This song just came on, I must have listened to this about a hundred times and watched the video at least a dozen, it still always makes me smile:

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Charlotte Powers: Power Play still not available to buy, so now it’s free!

Free, you say? That’s right, frustrated by’s continued non-action on the whole “people not actually being able to buy my book” thing I’ve made a little ‘secret’ page on my website. If you’re interested in reading the sequel to Charlotte Powers: Power Down, then it may be in your interest to follow this link:

You Found A Secret!

Also, this is just splendid, and I may have more to say about it at a later date:


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Good-Bad-Good News, My Last Summer, Dead Is The New Black

The good news is that yesterday I powered through my woe-is-me-why-isn’t-my-book-available-for-people-to-buy mopey mood and wrote like six thousand words on Against Darker Days. A couple of them were even good!

The bad news is that Power Play still can’t be bought by most people. It’s been over half a month since I hit ‘publish’ so I feel I’m justified in beginning to get just a teensy bit impatient.

Addendum: I just got a nice email from KDP support informing me that they’re working to fix this. That’s all I needed, just a little reassurance that things are getting done. So, fingers very much crossed that this whole thing will be sorted out soon, and that this is a one-off problem and I’m not cursed or something inconvenient like that.

The second good news is I found a great new book by an indie author!

My Last Summer, by Kerem Mermutlu

It’s a sweet little literary YA thing about a Taiwanese girl who works at an airport cafe, who has dreams of flying away to Hollywood and becoming a huge star. Swiftly paced and with a sweet-but-strong voice for the MC, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It reminded me of books I read when I was around twelve or thirteen or so, ‘light literature’ I guess you could call them, stories told in the first-person where nothing much happens but that doesn’t really matter.

Oh, and this was released recently, too:

Dead Is The New Black, by Christine DeMaio-Rice

I only mention it here because it’s a fashion mystery with engaging characters and sharp writing, and it’s going to sell a million-bajillion copies and I want to be able to say “I bjournalled about it before it was popular!”, thus retaining my indie hipster cred.

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Back from holiday, hurray hurray!

Back from holiday and feeling good. One highlight of the trip was discovering, on a country road in the middle of nowhere, ‘Excellent Street’. To be honest it didn’t look that great!

Anyway, Golden Bay was as pretty as ever–moreso, actually, due to it being spring right now and thus blossom, lambs, daffodils etc. were in abundance, and the weather was just sickeningly good. I also enjoyed watching my sister read through the Charlotte Powers sequel, she’s an ‘expressive’ reader and laughed and gasped and so on at all the right places (or so I assume). She also spotted a rather embarrassing error which I swiftly corrected. Anyway, Charlotte Powers: Power Play is now available to buy! Possibly. I’ve had a few people tell me it is, in fact, not available, so I don’t know what’s going on there. If there IS a problem then hopefully resubmitting it will fix it, otherwise I’ll have to brave the indignity of KDP customer support.

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Charlotte Powers 2: Power Play — Kind Of Okay?

So it looks like I perhaps won’t be putting out my novella-in-a-month this month, mostly due to the story not being strong enough–it needs a massive rewrite, basically, and I’d rather fail a self-imposed challenge than release something I wasn’t happy with. In any case, right now my attention is on other things. Part of the reason I needed to do something completely new was because I was suffering from series fatigue, but pretty much as soon as I started something new I was caught in the grip of series fever. So over the last few days I did the first edit of Power Play–more of a read-through, really–and was disturbed to find that nothing much needs to be done with it. Polishing, of course, further editing-and-proofing, but just for language, flow, and little extra details, not for structure or story. I worry, of course, that I’m just blind to its myriad flaws, but I think, I suspect that it might be a good book.

So! Current plan is to outline book three properly and see if there’s any additional foreshadowing or fun stuff I can slip into the second, do a couple more edits, do a couple more proofs, then get the sucker out there before my run of good luck with the first book fails. Simple!

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I’ll do it this afternoon!


Okay, so I missed my deadline for the outline of


But on the positive side of things I did a lot of mucking around with cover ideas! All right I admit it quite a lot of faffing went on. Also I was struck with inspiration for how to sort out a few problems in Power Play and basically have that outlined now, which is great. And I do have MOST of the outline and a whole bunch of notes for this novella thing, I just have to connect the dots to the ending now. It’s actually a little heavier and weightier than I had intended, I just hope I’ve got the balance between ‘story’ and ‘fun’ right. It’s interesting working on a novella, consciously trying to keep the word count down, stripping out subplots and even characters and just focusing on the core storyline–it feels similar to working on a screenplay.

Also, I may have a title. At first I was leaning towards “One & One, Together Two” which I still like, but I’m probably going to go with “Silly Heart”. Hey, if you can make the title of your book an obscure reference to one of your favourite eighties films, you go ahead and you DO it.

Anyway, here’s my current cover, which will almost certainly change:

Although to be honest I’m pretty happy with it as it is.

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Avoiding Editing, Power Play, Intelligent Characters (I like them), Getting Back To Work

So I’ve got editing to do on Imogen Shroud, I’ve got Miya Black III to go through, I have experiments to run and research to be done but what am I doing? I’m reading through what I have of Power Play. This isn’t productive. It’s just fun. Also this is way better and less fluffy than I remember it being (when I wrote it a couple of days ago; amazing the difference even a small time-buffer can make). Or maybe it’s just me who enjoys characters being intelligent and working things out in dialogue. Hmm. I think as long as it doesn’t drag on for pages it’s fine. I actually have a rule for myself; no more than a page and a half of dialogue without something happening to break it up. I love dialogue, you see, and I love characters, but just having them yammering on with nothing else happening isn’t so good. Anyway, I read it and it’s good and I was disappointed when I got to the end and there wasn’t any more. Which is a Good Sign.

Still, though. Power Play isn’t a priority right now. It’s fine to relax and just do what you like sometimes, but we do not live in the land of Doing-As-You-Please. We live in the land of Working-Bloody-Hard-To-Make-Things-Good. Writing is the easy part, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just that it’s easier than everything else, that’s all.

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