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The Possibly Final Cover of Imogen Shroud

I quite like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, but mostly because the graunchy music at the start reminds me of a C64 intro.

Further fiddling and faffing and mucking about has produced a new version of ImoShrou’s cover (old on the left, new on the right):

Lots of tiny little adjustments, like the ‘e’ in ‘White’ wasn’t right, too small and squashed, and the title is a lot more balanced now. Additional layer of texturing made a difference, too, although it’s subtle. I think this is pretty close to what I’ll end up using, although I might make the three ‘layers’ of zombies more distinct, make the back ones darker and the ones in front lighter. The byline is a bit dark, too, it needs to be brighter to contrast properly against the black.

Thinking of series-linkage, I might do a different colour theme for each book–this one is red, obviously.

I also managed to do some editing tonight, almost by accident (“I just tripped over and I rewrote this sentence!”). I found a nasty little insidious error too, the wrong tense on a word–I actually read the sentence three times before I caught it, my instinct was that there was something wrong but I didn’t catch it until the third read. That’s one good thing about editing, the more you do it the better you get, and the sharper your instinct becomes. For Miya Black: Adventure Dawns I think I did about twelve edit/proofing runs before I judged it ready, and even then two errors slipped through (fixed in the e-book, not in the print, which is why I cringe every time one sells) (also because the cover is terrible) (well not TERRIBLE but not as good as the new one) (that’s the problem with getting better at something, everything you did before seems worse in comparison). Now I feel comfortable after doing three edits and two proofs. I know mistakes will slip through, but there’s a point after which the improvement you see isn’t worth the time expended, especially when you have so many other projects to move onto.

Still in a graphic design mood. Maybe I’ll take at look at Resonance, that could use a makeover.

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