State Of My Personal Indie Nation – October 2011 Edition

01 Nov

October was a slow, somewhat lazy month. With the whole ‘Power Play not being available to buy’ thing hanging over me I have to admit to feeling a little disconnected from publishing—if I finish a book and publish it and hardly anyone can buy it, then what’s the point of publishing at all? My motivation to get things finished was lacking, I suppose I should say.

However, the good news is that the problem has FINALLY been fixed—just a few days ago, but still. Phew. I’m immensely relieved to have that out of the way, I feel free to move forward now. Looking at the positive side of the whole thing, I received quite a few emails and messages from people who enjoyed the first book and wanted the second, emails that I might not have otherwise received. Silver lining and all that.

But enough faffery, numbers!

October 2011 Sales

Charlotte Powers: Power Down – 69
Charlotte Powers: Power Play – 7 (pretty good, considering)
The Undying Apathy Of Imogen Shroud – 12
Miya Black, Pirate Princess I: Adventure Dawns – 2
Miya Black, Pirate Princess II: Freedom & Responsibility – 1
Miya Black, Pirate Princess III: Fractured Lives – 1
Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage – 3
The Boy & Little Witch – 1

Total Sales For October: 96
Sales/Day: 3

The bump for Imogen Shroud came from Kindle Lovers, which was pretty nice. Sales for Charlotte Powers are down from last month—there was a stretch where I didn’t sell anything at all for about four days, and the resulting drop from the front page of the superhero top 100 proved difficult to recover from. Also I’m pretty sure Amazon is fiddling with their ‘also bought’ algorithms—just a feeling, but a strong one.

Milestones for this month? For a start, my first return! Also, over three hundred copies sold of Charlotte Powers: Power Down, and over four hundred books sold in total. With the ten-sales-in-a-day bump for ImoShrou from Kindle Lovers I also got above #10,000 in the Kindle Store for the first time, which was fun.

Edit: Some lovely lovely people bought books at the last minute and pushed my monthly total up to 96, which means that I have at the least equalled last month’s numbers. Adding in the downloads/donations for Power Play and, well, it seems that I could unambiguously state that this is NOT, in fact, the first month in which I sold less than the month before. I’m quite happy about this, as you may well have guessed.

Enough of that, what did I get done this month? My goals were fairly vague, mostly notes and outlining, and near the beginning of October I made the firm decision not to do any actual writing at all this month—take a break, so to speak. So mostly I worked on covers, I redid all of the Charlotte Powers books and I’m very happy with the results. I also made a teaser trailer for next year’s big project (more on which in a bit), which involved learning how to use Premiere Elements (conclusion: video editing is VERY fun). Aside from that I wrote notes and notes and notes and notes, mostly for Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart. I also worked on Charlotte Powers 3—so much stuff to figure out with that, it got fairly exhausting at times. I love being in the middle of a series but it does mean there’s a lot more to think about. Anyway, I’m almost definitely going to do it as my NaNovel, so publishing before the end of the year is fairly likely. Goals? Goals!

1 – NaNo~!
2 – NANO~!
3 – NANO~!
4 – Also finish outlining Tactics Heart.

Because Tactics Heart is, or will be, next year’s Big Project. I’m going to serialise it! Not on Amazon, that wouldn’t work at all, but instead I’m going to build a new website for it and put out an episode a week for like twenty weeks. All for free! Then at the end I’ll turn it all into a beautifully formatted e-book and slap it up on Amazon. I’m totally in love with the story and characters and setting of Tactics Heart and it just lends itself so perfectly to a serial format, so why not, eh? Why not! It’ll be nice to have something in the background, too, something constant while I’m working on other things.

So that’s the plan. Write Charlotte Power 3 in November, continue to prepare Tactics Heart for next year, and maybe proof-and-polish Miya Black IV for a late December release.


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