BJK’s AMV Roundup #1 – My Legend Began In The 12th Century

06 Oct

‘#1’, he wrote, somewhat optimistically. AMVs are one of my favourite things about fandom, there’s an amazing amount of both talent and love out there, and who doesn’t enjoy splendid editing and wonderfully synchronised music/visual beats? People who don’t like marvellous things, I suspect.

Hugely massive spoilers may follow; you have been warned.

Anime: Soul Eater
Song: Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

Soul Eater is a great anime, even though the exact point at which it diverges is the point at which the manga turns things up to eleven and becomes insanely awesome, so … I mean, I love the anime, don’t get me wrong, I think in a lot of ways it couldn’t be better (the voice acting especially, and especially especially Maka–hard to believe it was Omigawa Chiaki’s debut, she does an amazing job). I even liked the gecko ending (how could I not, it includes one of the best punches in the history of all things), but like Fullmetal Alchemist the manga’s story post-divergence is just so much better and makes far more sense. Hopefully they’ll do a ‘Brotherhood’ once it ends. Anyway, I love this AMV. I had no idea Marilyn Manson had even done a cover of This Is Halloween (from The Nightmare Before Christmas, natch), at first I was like “Whaaaaa~” but then I was like “Actually this is kind of great”. I’m not normally a fan of covers or Mr Manson but this is pretty fantastic, and the marriage of Soul Eater with this particular song is something that I’d never think of but which makes perfect sense now that I’ve been exposed to it. A bit like a catflap. Also the editing is utterly majestic.

Also also, watching this reminds me that although I think of Soul Eater mostly in terms of funny and awesome, it really does have more than its fair share of superbly creepy moments.

Favourite Moment: “Everybody scream! Everybody SCREAM!” with Tsubaki and her brother. 200% Sync Ratio: Perfect Combo.

(Also any clips from when Maka went crazy eight bonkers from using Black Blood, that was hilarious and disturbing and awesome and mental in all the right ways.)

(Incidentally, Soul Eater gets my personal awards for both ‘Best Maniacal Laughter’ AND ‘Best Screaming’. Seriously, the screaming and laughing in that anime are top notch.)

Anime: Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood
Song: 30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War

Hagaren is one of my favourite manga, mostly because of the absurdly huge number of fantastic characters, and although the first anime went a bit mad towards the end Brotherhood truly does justice to Arakawa-sensei’s work. And this AMV does justice to Brotherhood. Not much to say, except the bit at the end made my breath catch in just exactly the right way.

Favourite Moment: Roy Mustang is ‘The Messiah’.

Anime: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Song: Breaking Benjamin – Diary Of Jane

This one’s a teensy bit rough as far as editing/timing goes, but it’s the best AMV I’ve found of Yuki.N so there you have it. Nagato-san is the main reason I like this anime so much (not such a fan of the novels, not sure why), being not only my favourite character in the series but one of my favourite characters in any series.

Favourite Moment: Honestly, any time Yuki does her stoic-but-scowly ‘Nagato Disapproves’ face.

Yep, that's the one.

Anime: Various. Like, REALLY various.
Song: DJ Earworm – Blame It On The Pop

Something jolly to finish with, I love this kind of wacky joof fun/slightly sentimental AMV and DJ Earworm is aptly named—and the title speaks the truth, 2009 WAS a good, good year for anime.

Although apparently I can’t watch even a one second clip of Tokyo Magnitude 8 without tearing up.

Favourite Moment: Honestly, who could choose? I did particularly like the clips of Endless Eight matched to the lyrics “When I say the same thing every single time”, that was class. Man, Endless Eight. What a hoot that was. Funny at the time, looking back … yep, still funny.

(Also the lip-sync bit with Yui (“Baby don’t worry”) made me super happy for some reason.)

(And 3:00 to 3:16 is just excellent.)

Well that was really fun! Ahhh fandom, I do so love you.

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