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24 Sep

I had rather a pleasant time this evening fiddling around on TVTropes, making/updating pages for a few of my books. Apparently it’s fine to make a page for your own work just as long as you don’t get possessive, which won’t be a problem for me at all. The toughest part was getting over the slightly cringy ‘ooh troping my own work feels a bit off’ factor, which to be honest is still there a little. But anyway, I think it’s good to have a starting point at least, so that perhaps sometime in the future others may add to the pages.

Aside from that, Power Play (along with the first Miya Black and Resonance books, just for fun) is still available free here:

Secret GET!

I’ve already had a few downloads and donations, which is really just … it’s lovely, is what it is. My fans are, like, the BEST fans. Eventually I think this is the direction I’ll go in, offer all of my books on a ‘pay if you feel like it’ basis. is great for distribution (well, when it works), but it’d be nice to do things my own way. The biggest downside is that Amazon’s magic syncing thing won’t work, and you can’t read the books on the cloud reader.

This song just came on, I must have listened to this about a hundred times and watched the video at least a dozen, it still always makes me smile:

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