Ten Things That Make Me Feel Old

19 Sep

1 – Talking about cartoons with kids and when they look at me blankly realising that the cartoon I just referenced ended before they were even born.

2 – Ditto games, it’s very slightly disturbing to be talking Pokemon with someone and suddenly realising that they were yet to be conceived when Blue/Red were released.

3 – The realisation that many of my favourite movies (Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers) were made three decades ago. Even Die Hard is like twenty-five years old now, that’s ridiculous.

4 – Realising that the ‘old guy’ in a TV show or movie or game or cartoon is actually younger than me.

5 – Learning that Alan Rickman is sixty-five years old. (I don’t know why that makes ME feel old, but it does.)

6 – Watching the Jurassic Park kitchen scene and realising that those kids have got to be like thirty by now. And those raptors are probably dead.

7 – Watching Longplays of Amiga games makes me feel old, but happy.

8 – The ever-increasing frequency with which I find ‘these days’ sneaking into my sentences.

9 – Using ‘when I was your age’ in any context.

10 – Making a list about things that make me feel old. (How meta!)

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One response to “Ten Things That Make Me Feel Old

  1. Mo

    September 19, 2011 at 03:33

    I know the feeling. I’ve been saying “Back in my day,” for years.


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