To The Author Person’s Surprise, His Attempt At Procrastination Failed!

15 Sep

Somehow, amazingly, despite the Most Unproductive Morning In The History Of All ThingsTM (yes, it was SO unproductive that I was forced to trademark it) (I don’t know how that works either), I wrote another six thousand words of Against Darker Days today. Days today. Days today. That’s not as awkward a word-combo as it seems it should be. (Unlike that sentence, hoi-o!) This one’s definitely gonna top two hundred thousand words, I’m already dreading the editing. (‘Dreaditing’, as it very much were.)

It did help that most of the words I wrote today involved characters I love kicked seven shades of arse. I also managed to reduce myself to a big weeping mess writing a death scene. Really didn’t want to kill that character. It’s even in the outline, “Arrrrgh I really don’t want to kill XXXXX. I really, really don’t. But I think I might have to. No no no no but it makes the story so much better if they die, but I like them so much arrrrrgh.”

(Yes, unfortunately this is an accurate representation of the general level of professionalism of my outlines. Actually, to be really honest, that’s a lot better than usual.)

Anyway, after wandering around the house for a little while sniffling and searching for tissues I managed to pull myself together and get through the rest of the scene. Not all sad scenes I write affect me like that, and to be honest I didn’t expect it of this one, but there you go. Emotions can be funny things.

So! Good productive day, in the end. I should have this first draft in the bag before the end of next week, and after that … I’m not sure, actually. I might toss a coin and start outlining either Fantasy Losers or Time Is But The Stream (I’m saving one for NaNo, just in case I’m not suddenly struck with inspiration on October 31st; I feel that notes are okay (for a NaNovel) but outlining beforehand is kind of cheating). Or I might just bum around for a while in the midst of a post-first draft funk, fiddling with covers and going back to read my favourite bits and generally practising the noble art of Faffery. It could go either way, really.

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