Good-Bad-Good News, My Last Summer, Dead Is The New Black

15 Sep

The good news is that yesterday I powered through my woe-is-me-why-isn’t-my-book-available-for-people-to-buy mopey mood and wrote like six thousand words on Against Darker Days. A couple of them were even good!

The bad news is that Power Play still can’t be bought by most people. It’s been over half a month since I hit ‘publish’ so I feel I’m justified in beginning to get just a teensy bit impatient.

Addendum: I just got a nice email from KDP support informing me that they’re working to fix this. That’s all I needed, just a little reassurance that things are getting done. So, fingers very much crossed that this whole thing will be sorted out soon, and that this is a one-off problem and I’m not cursed or something inconvenient like that.

The second good news is I found a great new book by an indie author!

My Last Summer, by Kerem Mermutlu

It’s a sweet little literary YA thing about a Taiwanese girl who works at an airport cafe, who has dreams of flying away to Hollywood and becoming a huge star. Swiftly paced and with a sweet-but-strong voice for the MC, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It reminded me of books I read when I was around twelve or thirteen or so, ‘light literature’ I guess you could call them, stories told in the first-person where nothing much happens but that doesn’t really matter.

Oh, and this was released recently, too:

Dead Is The New Black, by Christine DeMaio-Rice

I only mention it here because it’s a fashion mystery with engaging characters and sharp writing, and it’s going to sell a million-bajillion copies and I want to be able to say “I bjournalled about it before it was popular!”, thus retaining my indie hipster cred.

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