The Problems, They Are Not My Own

14 Sep

I receive an entirely unlikely number of hits from the search phrase “fearing my gash”.

Still no joy on getting Power Play available to buy. This is frustrating because I can’t do anything about the problem, just wait and hope Amazon gets its act together (and email them daily, “Hello, I have come to be pesky again”). On the plus side of things it’s really nice that so many people want the book enough to contact me about it. On the negative side of things people can’t buy my book.

Also, I’m finding it difficult to move on from this. The last week or so I’ve been mostly just making notes for future projects. They’re good notes, but I don’t feel productive. I’ve pecked away at some other things but because Power Play isn’t actually properly released I’m at a bit of a loose end. I should try to power (ho ho) through this, sit down with a nice solid outline and get some words out.

Also also, the new Syndicate game is going to be an FPS. I am not particularly happy about this. According to the developers, it’s still Syndicate. Except it’s not, actually, because Syndicate is an isometric squad-control strategy thing. We’ve got hundreds of FPSs already, how many games like Syndicate do we have? Not a lot, let me tell you!

More positively, Power Down continues to do well and I’ve received a couple of really lovely reviews lately. Meanwhile, in Television Land, things are getting all inevitable on Breaking Bad and season two of The Walking Dead is only, like, a month away. There’s a lot of good stuff happening, so actually I’m having trouble getting properly ‘down’ about Power Play. Still, though. Frustrating.

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