And They Have A Plan

09 Sep

Why yes, that IS a Battlestar Galactica reference in the title! Blood & Chrome, eh? Can’t come fast enough, am I right? Caprica was gone all too soon, the BSG finale and most of the final season was a bit naff what’s with all the head angels is this scifi or fantasy etc etc

(Although let me just say, aside from a couple of filler blips, season two of the new BSG was among the best and most compelling television I’ve watched in the last decade.)

(Also frakking Adama, man.)

(“Wouldn’t count on it.”)

(And and and Doc Cottle; “… was unforgivable.” YES.)

Somehow this has become a post about how much I love BSG, but let’s get back on track. Previously my plan, regarding the whole indie author thing, was to just write whatever I liked and publish it when it was ready and if people enjoyed it then that was great and if nobody liked anything I wrote then that was fine too. And actually that’s still the plan, because it’s working for me and it’s fun. But over the last half year or so I have been thinking about things, future things, and a vague sort of solidity has begun to form.



Forty books published by 2021.


After polishing and releasing all of my currently-written books, focus on releasing first-in-series and second-in-series, as well as standalones. Subsequent-in-series driven by demand, unless I really just want to write them.

Publish something new every four months or so. Every season a new book, as it were.


Have ten books out by the end of the year.

Have fifteen books out by the end of next year.


Gain enough popularity to kickstart a comic version of a certain upcoming project into being. (I feel almost guilty about writing it as a book, it really would work better as a comic.)

Bump into Peter Jackson while he’s filming The Hobbit near my house, happen to mention my books, ????, movie.

Be able to say “I have a platform!” without it being an outright lie.


Just Keep Writing.

So, with all of that said, the projects I will be working on next are most likely, and in no particular order:

Against Darker Days (Resonance 2: Resonate Harder)
The Enduring Unlife Of Imogen Shroud (ImoShrou 2: The New Batch)
This Impossible World, This Impossible Girl (Miya Black IV: The Legend Of Curly’s Gold)
Hidden Power (Charlotte Powers 3: The Quickening)
Fantasy Losers (Or Whatever I End Up Actually Calling It: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor)
Time Is But The Stream (Again, Probably Not The Final Title: Hypercube)
Swansong (Jean Scarlet: Operation Condor)

Goodness, that’s quite a lot of different series (although I’m doing my very best to make the two new books standalones). This is like a very slow, methodical version of ‘keep the plates spinning’.


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4 responses to “And They Have A Plan

  1. Mo

    September 10, 2011 at 08:25

    You like BSG too!? Damn it Ben, stop liking everything I like!! 😛

    I’m looking forward with great anticipation to Blood & Chrome, however, I must say that I have zero faith in the SyFy Channel anymore not to screw it up. I mean if they cancelled Caprica (which had a lot of potential IMO), why the hell start a NEW BSG show!? Any channel that claims to be a Science-Fiction channel but cancels good shows in favour of friggin’ wrestling, can go **** itself! That said, I hope B&C turns out/does well.

    BTW: The BSG shows are filmed in Vancouver, just across the water from me! 😀 A friend of mine used to work in one of the buildings they used as one of the sets, so she got to see them filming BSG sometimes. Lucky her!

    • Ben White

      September 10, 2011 at 12:56

      I know, just calling themselves the ‘SyFy’ channel to begin with …

      But yes, high hopes for Blood & Chrome. I’ll just take whatever I can get, however I can get it 🙂

  2. UnlikelyLass

    September 13, 2011 at 03:23

    I don’t suppose you’ve figured out why Power Play is still showing up as unavailable?

    If I search for it, I find it, and it shows a price. If I bring up the actual page, it has text saying it’s unavailable instead of the price and the one-click buy box. Interestingly, if I bring up the preview, there’s a one-click buy box with price there. Unfortunately, trying to buy with it just forwards me to the broken “unavailable” product page.

    If I do a search for the product via (where I’m not logged in) I get an unbroken product page, but trying to buy there just bumps me to a login page that then tells me I can’t use amazon uk because I don’t live there and then redirects me to 😦

    Stupid computers!

    • Ben White

      September 13, 2011 at 11:17

      According to Amazon:

      “Charlotte Powers: Power Play” is currently reflecting as LIVE however, not reflecting the price on our Kindle store. Upon verifying the details, there appears to be some discrepancy on our system due to which the price is not appearing on the detail page of our Kindle store.”

      Apparently they’re sorting it out, but choosing to do so veeery veeery slowly. Frustrating. So if you want a copy, just send me an email at and I’ll send you the mobi file. That goes for anyone reading this, incidentally 🙂


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