Cover Faffery (I may have used this title before)

06 Sep

Today was a day for not getting much done, mostly I just played around with potential covers for a potential story and tried to figure out why Charlotte Powers: Power Play isn’t available to buy for 90% of the people who look at it. (Yes, this is very annoying.)

So anyway, I don’t even know if it’s going to be called “Time Is But The Stream”, but it is a timey-wimey sort of thing so it fits at the least thematically. Mostly I just got a bunch of new fonts and wanted to play with them:

I love this font to pieces. It’s called ‘Refuse Trip‘ by ‘Smoking Drum‘ and it’s just far too much fun to play around with. Utterly useless for readability on thumbnails (well, it’d work for a short title maybe) but who cares, SUCH fun.

Another font I’ve just discovered a deep and meaningful passion for, ‘A Font With Serifs‘ by ‘Extate‘. I love how there’s a ‘disordered’ version of it, with a few cunning layers you can make it look as if you’re seeing through the letters to their skeletons, it’s a nifty effect. Didn’t work for this cover, but still. Nifty.

Anyway, I like this cover but I don’t love it–which takes me to:

Actually I don’t quite love this one either, but oh well, I was just playing around. The good thing about cover faffery is that you at least have something to show for your time, it’s a little more solid than picking away at notes or doing research or even outlining.

Apropos of nothing aside from the fact that I wanted to use the phrase ‘apropos of nothing’ and then get all meta about it, I recently saw an episode of Phineas and Ferb (which is, incidentally, a fantastically brilliant cartoon) and thought this song was particularly excellent:

It reminded me very strongly of Brad’s Theme from Comic Jumper:

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