Easy Edits & SuperBases

20 Aug

Tearing through the second edit of Power Play, mostly because (dare I say it?) there’s so little to do. I have made a few additions and corrections, but the errors are minor and the additions just for fun–it feels more like a proof than an edit. I’ve also made a superhero database to keep track of all the little mentions–name, promotion, affiliation, ‘killed by’, that sort of thing, so far I’ve got almost a hundred entries, I had no idea my pantheon was so big. All those little throwaway mentions do add up, I suppose. My problem is that a ‘throwaway’ mention often gets me thinking, so I spend way too much time going into the background and history of all these names. Most often these notes don’t make it into the book at all–I don’t want to distract from the story–but sometimes there’s room for a little more detail. I always like it when I’m reading a book and feel like the story it’s telling is just on the surface of something deeper, that there are dozens more stories going on with the supporting characters and those mentioned-but-not-shown. There’s a heck of a lot going on in Power Play, but it’s Charlotte’s story so I don’t break away from that. Going through this edit, though, I feel like I could write three more novels just on background events.

Meanwhile, I’ve stumbled onto a new indie superhero book!

Chasing Power (Hidden Talents Book 1)

So far the powers (and their application) are a little vanilla, but I’m having fun with it and I like the world/story concept. Also there’s not too much descriptive prose which is great. That’s been my biggest problem with most of the books I’ve tried lately, just paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff I just don’t care about. In one book I tried the other day there wasn’t a single character in the entire sample, what am I supposed to do with that?

Anyway, onwards … to adventure!

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