And Not Complaining

19 Aug

There’s a trend–and I’m not saying it’s bad–towards putting a ‘start’ anchor at the first chapter (or prologue or whatever) of e-books, so when you open it up you’re presented immediately with what I call ‘story’ (everyone calls it story, SO annoying). For me, whenever this happens I’m kind of like, “Oh! Okay, hello, didn’t expect you so soon but let’s go with it, so what’s going on?”. I’m not sure why, but I like a book to open on a few pages of waffle–title page, ‘also by this author’, acknowledgements, table of contents, maybe I like to be eased into the story, to have a chance to settle in and get comfortable before the serious reading starts. There are certain things I really don’t like running into when I open a book, however–pages and pages of review quotes is one (I’m already trying your book, stop trying to sell me on it), lengthy author preambles is another, especially if they amount to “I’m great and my book is great and if you disagree then you suck!” (Orson Scott Ca-ard, I’m looking at yo-ou) (and even William Goldman’s introduction to The Princess Bride, while entertaining, just goes on for waaaay too long). But that other stuff, yep, it’s alllll good.

Total sales freeze on Power Down over the last couple of days, and yet it’s gone from #18 in Superheroes to #12. Can’t figure that one out at all, I feel like I’m winning a race by standing still. Which, admittedly, is the only way I’m ever going to win a race, so maybe I shouldn’t be complaining. Not that I’m complaining complaining, but, er, yes.

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