Charlotte Powers 2: Power Play — Kind Of Okay?

18 Aug

So it looks like I perhaps won’t be putting out my novella-in-a-month this month, mostly due to the story not being strong enough–it needs a massive rewrite, basically, and I’d rather fail a self-imposed challenge than release something I wasn’t happy with. In any case, right now my attention is on other things. Part of the reason I needed to do something completely new was because I was suffering from series fatigue, but pretty much as soon as I started something new I was caught in the grip of series fever. So over the last few days I did the first edit of Power Play–more of a read-through, really–and was disturbed to find that nothing much needs to be done with it. Polishing, of course, further editing-and-proofing, but just for language, flow, and little extra details, not for structure or story. I worry, of course, that I’m just blind to its myriad flaws, but I think, I suspect that it might be a good book.

So! Current plan is to outline book three properly and see if there’s any additional foreshadowing or fun stuff I can slip into the second, do a couple more edits, do a couple more proofs, then get the sucker out there before my run of good luck with the first book fails. Simple!

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