I’ll do it this afternoon!

07 Aug


Okay, so I missed my deadline for the outline of


But on the positive side of things I did a lot of mucking around with cover ideas! All right I admit it quite a lot of faffing went on. Also I was struck with inspiration for how to sort out a few problems in Power Play and basically have that outlined now, which is great. And I do have MOST of the outline and a whole bunch of notes for this novella thing, I just have to connect the dots to the ending now. It’s actually a little heavier and weightier than I had intended, I just hope I’ve got the balance between ‘story’ and ‘fun’ right. It’s interesting working on a novella, consciously trying to keep the word count down, stripping out subplots and even characters and just focusing on the core storyline–it feels similar to working on a screenplay.

Also, I may have a title. At first I was leaning towards “One & One, Together Two” which I still like, but I’m probably going to go with “Silly Heart”. Hey, if you can make the title of your book an obscure reference to one of your favourite eighties films, you go ahead and you DO it.

Anyway, here’s my current cover, which will almost certainly change:

Although to be honest I’m pretty happy with it as it is.

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