Yes, books PLURAL. As in 'more than one'. Nobody was more surprised than me, I can assure you

26 Jul

So I thought to myself “I wonder what the current state of e-publishing is in New Zealand, there could be resources I’m not using that I COULD be using”, so I did a quick Google search and found the Digital Publishing Forum, which sounded encouraging. Then I read their ‘Who Should Get Involved’ list:

* Content providers looking for technology
* Technology providers looking for content
* Speakers
* Sponsors
* Suppliers
* Service providers
* Investors
* Anyone who can help build an internationally competitive digital publishing industry in New Zealand

Or, y’know, just a thought here, totally from left field but maybe a couple of, um, writers? Author persons? You know, THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WRITE THE BLOODY BOOKS?

Or maybe we’re counted among ‘content providers’, except just seeing those two words together makes me shudder so perhaps not after all.

I also considered joining the New Zealand Society Of Authors but honestly couldn’t see any benefit in doing so.

Anyway, it was good to look. Good to know I’m not missing out on anything. Also, today I proofed half of Miya Black III and actually had a good time doing it, so that was marvellous. I sold a few books as well, all around a good day.

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