In Which The Author Person Gets His Groove Back (He Didn’t Even Realise It Was Gone)

25 Jul

I had to wait a full day before writing this, because every time I tried before all that came out was OH FAR OUT SO EXCITING YES YES YES DID YOU SEE AND OH AND AH AND EEEEEEEE. I couldn’t express myself, basically, except in squeeish.

So. Here we go. Calmed down a little now. Of course, I’m talking about Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Avatar is pretty much my favourite cartoon–heck, why not just admit it, it’s one of my favourite things regardless of medium. I’m not alone in this, and there’s a reason: it’s amazing. Truly a marvel in this odd world we share–but many people have already spoken at length about how and why Avatar is as great as it is. I don’t need to sing its praises; they’ve already been sung. And my excitement at this new trailer isn’t unique, there are thousands of people, millions, all squeeing along with me. I mean, sure, I could go on about how much I already love Korra and how splendid everything looks and how TOPH’S DAUGHTER IS THE METALBENDING CHIEF OF POLICE OH MY PORK but I’ll attempt to restrain myself. Maybe a cleansing breath. Maybe a fresh paragraph.

Usually I avoid information about upcoming things that I know I’m going to enjoy–Mass Effect 3, for example, I know I’m going to buy it just as soon as it’s released, so I don’t need to seek out every little detail released about it. I’m already ‘sold’, so to speak. It was the same with Final Fantasy VIII, lo those many years ago, I actively avoided EVERYTHING to do with it because I wanted to go in fresh, and I’m really so glad I did.

But Korra, though … I can’t help myself. I think I’ll be able to hold myself back once the buzz from the trailer wears off (I’m still kind of tingling about it) (and yes, I’ve watched it like twenty times), but right now I’m finding it difficult to think about anything else.

Except one thing:

This is what I want.

In the past I’ve struggled to clearly define my goals as an author person, beyond ‘writing lots of books and making them as good as I can’. I like getting sales and I love getting feedback and I’m always happy when I hear that someone enjoyed what I wrote, but even if nobody ever reads my books I’m still going to write them. It’s not really for other people that I spend so much time on tiny details and on editing and proofing until I’m sick of the sight of the blasted thing. It’s because when I make something I want to be proud of it–proud to have my name on it. I write selfishly; for myself, not for others.

But now I realise that THIS is what I want, sometime in the distant and misty future. I think I mentioned once about wanting a hundred fans, people who felt that my books were FOR them. This is becoming a more solid goal, but the specifics are … changing. I want to announce something, or release details of a future project, and attract the kind of excitement that Korra is generating. Is this feasible? To be totally honest, I think it is. Not on the same scale, of course, I’d be crazy to expect that, and not soon, I have a lot of writing ahead of me, a lot of years to slowly find those people out there in the world who care about things the way I care about them. But that’s my goal, and I feel it’s not an unrealistic one. That’s what I’m aiming for. Not just to be ‘successful’. Not just to sell some books. But to create something that inspires passion and excitement and love to this kind of depth. I may not be there yet, but I believe that I’m on my way. It could take five years, it could take a decade, and maybe it won’t even be any of my current series that put me where I want to be but I believe that if I just keep going, I will get there.

I’m riding blind, but I know where I’m heading.

For now, and for the future:

Just Keep Writing.

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