20 Jul

Recently I was indirectly asked, “What is your favourite bug?”. Now, I’ve seen the episode of QI wherein they discuss the nature of bugs (‘sucking insects’) but let’s ignore that in favour of being slightly less pedantic than usual.

So! What’s my favourite bug/insect/creepy-crawly? With absolutely no competition, the uncontrollably awesome praying mantis, ninja of the insect world. There is NOTHING not to like about them. I used to share a room with one I named Starfax Pimsneyback, she was cool. I once saw her take down a wasp, it was perhaps the single most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. I think partly the reason I like them is that they have vaguely human-like eyes, and they don’t move all scuttly and spastic-like, their movements are careful and precise. I also like the way they prepare to strike, very carefully moving into position a little at a time, move leg, move body, tense, move leg, tense, move leg, strike. Just once, one-hit kill. Once you’re in those claws–those scythes–that’s it, Game Over. Also I had no idea they could fly until quite recently. It’s just that kind of thing that makes them cool–yes, they can fly, but they don’t go around bragging about it. Seems to them it wouldn’t do to get too reliant on something like that. Their wings are quite pretty.

I also like spiders, because they kill flies. I can’t stand flies. In fact, any insect (or arachnid, whatever) of the ‘destroys other creepy-crawlies but leaves humans standing’ variety gets my vote.

Anyway, I’m recovered now, almost completely. Yesterday I did a lot of buggering around (not literally) with covers and that kind of light, fun little thing, but today, today! Today I’m properly working, if my busy daughters will allow me, and always assuming that I don’t get distracted by amazing insects.

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