18 Jul

Still sick, still proofing and editing, still thinking about how best to approach my bilingual learning stories. I think that I may have to target it towards English-speakers learning Japanese rather than Japanese-speakers learning English, although it’d still be interesting and useful for more advanced Japanese ESL peeps who want to start reading English fiction. In any case, I think I have the bones of a story–at first I was going to do more of a genre thing, but now I think it’d be better to make it as conventional as possible. Present day (ahaha), present time (ahahahaha). (Nobody is going to get that at ALL.) Classroom setting. Light relationship romance thing. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Maybe a thousand words, maybe a little more than that. English, Japanese, and English AND Japanese with explanations of the differences and possibly a little light grammar. Possibly some vocab at the end, or maybe phrases rather than words. They won’t be textbooks but more like practise stories, stories with training wheels, the focus being on giving people who want to read fiction in the language they’re studying a starting point, of sorts. Of course, making the stories fun and easy to read is also a priority.

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