He once fought a bear!

15 Jul

I’m enjoying Adventure Time just so much, it’s rare that I feel something has been made just for me but when a cartoon throws out lines like “Look! That forest wizard is giving out free power rings!” with such casual abandon I just kind of go “Oh yay! Yeah! Yaaaaay!”. Also whenever Finn gets super-enthusiastic about anything ten year-old me is right there with him–like when Princess Bubblegum is talking about the Enchiridion and he’s jumping up and down with excitement and all like “I am INTO THIS STUFF!” ten year-old me is also going “Yes! Yes me too! ME TOO YAAAAY!”.

Also, Lady Rainicorn’s gibberish-esque Korean(?) is adorable and gorgeous and adorable.

Also also, special mention to the George Takei-voiced (OH MY GOODNESS YES) Ricardio the Heart, who wants to cut out Princess Bubblegum’s heart AND MAKE OUT WITH IT. Gross-out humour typically isn’t my thing but that had me snorting and giggling in a VERY unladylike manner.

Also ALSO also, yay for Marceline for being a vampire character I actually enjoy. She’s practically unique in this regard. Also a (rare) good example of a Chaotic Neutral character.

In other news I’m sick and so spent most of today asking my daughters to behave so I didn’t have to run around after them. For the most part, they obliged. I also did some proofing, and can I just say UGH I’m an awful writer sometimes. I need to fix some things and then get this book out before I begin to genuinely hate it. On the positive side of things, it’s nice to see how far I’ve come, as a writer, in the past two years. On the negative side of things UGH.


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