Running out of outline and falling into a website

05 Jul

Sometimes I think that I enjoy choosing fonts a little too much.

Yesterday I ran out of outline for Power Play and went shooting off the edge of the first draft–it came as something of a shock because I honestly thought I’d outlined the whole thing, but it turns out I’d just written extensive notes which I’d then neglected to include in the actual outline document. Also some things need to be changed and others need to be thought about, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t outline it when I should have.

So anyway, today I’ve mostly been working on my new website. I did some work on the website I created for my mother’s business recently and it reminded me how much I enjoy fiddling around with PHP and MySQL. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything I’d actually need to use PHP for that simple CSS couldn’t do. I suppose I could make a database for my books, that would make playing with different layouts more fun. Hmm. I need to investigate hosting too, I haven’t seriously looked at the state of webhosting for more than three years. Hostgator is pretty okay, but who knows what else might be out there!

… or since Hostgator is having a 4th of July 40% off sale, maybe I’ll just go with them. That seems like a sensible idea.

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