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02 Jul

Had a fun/strange/slightly embarrassing moment today, I was going through some books on Amazon and noticed an interesting, eye-catching cover in the ‘also-bought’ list. Here is a rough transcript of my thoughts:

“Oh wow that cover is oh it’s one of mine.”

On the one hand I’m really happy with Imogen Shroud’s cover, I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses to it and (clearly) I think it looks great, but on the other hand that’s just kind of onanistic and odd.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote like 12,000 words on Power Play (I got up to a bit I’ve been wanting to write for aaaaaages and it was heaps more fun even than I imagined it would be) but today I managed to distract myself spectacularly by daydreaming about writing an actual comic series about Charlotte’s parents. There’s a lot of stuff in Power Play referring back to the days when they were adventuring and all of this intriguing stuff has come out–just an off-hand comment by a character that comes out of nowhere and makes me go “Oho, what’s that all about, hm?”. I really like writing characters that have a long history with one another, there’s a kind of comfort there that I always enjoy. Back to the comic idea, I don’t think Charlotte Powers’ story would work particularly well as a comic, there’s a reason I’m writing her books as diaries, but her parents and all of their allies and enemies, there are stories there I’d love to tell in a visual medium.

On to my new favourite thing: ‘Some Were Meant For Sea’, the first album by Tiny Ruins/Hollie Fullbrook. Engaging, evocative, playfully intelligent songs, beautifully lonely and quite, quite lovely.

Not regular party-size / waves crash on either side / he’s wearing polypropylene / clutching at straws; holding on to strings / what was he looking for? / truth, or was it heaven / or did he just want to go out with a bang / so to speak
– Priest With Balloons, Some Were Meant For Sea, Tiny Ruins

So I sat with his dog on my knee / and his baby beside me / while he told you about his wife / so much sadness in his eyes
– Running Through The Night, Some Were Meant For Sea, Tiny Ruins

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