Game of Thrones Episode Ten – Fire And Blood

20 Jun

So this is it, the final episode of the season. What will the final scene be? Tyrion, Arya and Sansa all delivering a three-way slap to Joffrey all at once? THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Anyway, let’s watch!


Typically (for me), it took until the last episode for me to realise that all the actor names have a little icon beside them indicating their character’s allegiance. Wonderful little touch.

Yoren, Yoren, Yoren, I’d like you more but I’m worried you’re the next to go.

Have I mentioned that I like Osha? I really like Osha. (Her HAIR!)

Really quite glad I was born well after all the bards died out.

Ahhhh Joffrey, the prize king git we all love to loathe.

Sansa seems to attract a lot of scorn, as a character, so I wonder if she’s worse in the books. That is to say, I’ve found her portrayal in this series to be very sympathetic. She has the same strength as the rest of her family, it’s just hidden beneath layers of childish indignation and romantic notions of What Should Be. I can easily see her growing into a character I like almost as much as I like Arya. The path of passive resistance is a hard one, but it can be rewarding.

Also, can’t help but notice that Syrio’s head doesn’t seem to be among those on pikes. Maybe it just wasn’t shown but, y’know, I got hope.

The King of the North. I found the whole scene to be quite moving, to be honest. Also, loved the lady knight! Want more of her! Even her laugh was great! PLEASE. LET. HER. BE. A. PROPER. CHARACTER. Chances are so slim, I know, but still, she got two shots, that could be character foreshadowing or something, right? Right? Maybe? Just perhaps? Kill Dany and give Laughing Lady Knight the screentime, YES. That is an EXCELLENT plan.


Jaime: Plot armour! *ting*

I love how nervous Tyrion is whenever his father’s around, Peter Dinklage does a fantastic job of underplaying it.

“Half wrong.” Hehehe.

Mmm I do enjoy a good bit of witch sense and witch revenge.

Ahhh Old Beardy Advisor Guy, you wily old coot you!

Littlefinger! Varys! Another scene together YAY! “Do you lie awake at night fearing my gash?” Ahahaha yay. Varys utterly slaughtered Littlefinger there. I’d love a sitcom about the advising lords, what they get up to while the plot isn’t happening.

Also gosh I enjoyed the lighting in that scene.

There is NOTHING that isn’t yay about Arya standing up to bullies.

“I didn’t say it was your honour.”

Not So Yay

Argh Dany STOP HOGGING THE SCREEN TIME. At least your brother was entertaining.

Oh bugger she’s not dead. And now she has dragons. Great.

THAT’S IT? That’s what we end with? The least interesting least charismatic LEAST entertaining character on the show, the character–look, people got upset that Ned died, but I’m far more annoyed that Dany lived. UGH.

Also, no Bronn! No Tyrion and Bronn scenes! Whaaaaaat?

And So

Probably they made that the last scene just to stop me from feeling so bad that it’s going to be a loooong wait until the next season. To be completely honest I can’t say I’m satisfied with the way it ended … in fact, it might’ve been a better idea to end with episode nine, nothing that happened in this episode felt like an ‘ending’, it was all ‘beginnings’, Jon Snow going with the Night’s Watch into the north, Arya heading off with Yoren and his recruits, Tyrion being sent off to be the King’s Hand, Robb Stark TRULY declaring war, even Sansa starting to show some resistance and determination. (And of course Dany can’t be burnt, the far more interesting witch character died, and now she has dragons.) This episode would’ve made a better season opener than a season closer.

But anyway, it was good. Speaking without any knowledge of what happens in book two (and with the assumption that what we’ve seen is how book one went, pretty much), I wonder if it wouldn’t have been a better idea to put a few more episodes into this season–and that’s not just because I want more Game of Thrones, it just seems an odd place to leave things. Maybe it’s just because I don’t care about Dany at all.

Anyway, I may give the book another go now that the series is finished, just the first one, I don’t want to spoil myself for the second season even though we won’t get it until next year. Speculation is half the fun with this kind of program.

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