I have trained for this my entire life

18 Jun

So daughters have been sick and that was that for a couple of days. They’re still sick, but not quite so badly sick as before. What’s next? Ahahaha of course, now I’m sick. Or starting to get sick. Probably going to get sick. Feel a little lightheaded and bleary. I hope I’m not just babbling here.

Anyway, because of the aforementioned sick daughters I haven’t gotten much done recently, just a few thousands words a day on something or other. I had to stop working on one project because I was approaching burnout. Also there’s a character I have to kill and I really don’t want to kill them. That’s always awkward.

So there’s a line in Wonder Boys which goes something like “I don’t believe in writer’s block”, and to a certain extent I agree with this. At least as far as I go. But I do think there’s such a thing as a bad day. Yesterday I had a bad day. Sick daughters, exhaustion, and everything I had ever written was rubbish, except for one fight scene in Miya Black V which wasn’t terrible. I couldn’t write, I didn’t WANT to write, all of my projects were worthless and I had no desire to continue any of them.

I went to bed and read something someone else had written.

Today? Daughters are still mildly sick. My nose is being argumentative. (Well, it’s more like we have opposing points of view. I take the position that I’d like it to stop running and being blocked at the same time, how does that even work? My nose politely but firmly disagrees.) But I had some time, somehow, and I opened up my workbench file for Charlotte Powers 2 and felt the stirrings of motivation, and I pecked away at some words and found Charlotte’s voice which kind of cheered me up a bit (she’s just so enthusiastic) and I wrote a sentence that made me smile and then I figured out a tiny problem, and even though I might have to scrap the whole section and build it up again from scratch at least there’s something there now. To paraphrase a recent Penny Arcade, I saw where a hippo was not and I said no, this will not do.

Speaking of Penny Arcade, and to close things off, this one speaks so very deeply.

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One response to “I have trained for this my entire life

  1. Mark Williams International

    June 19, 2011 at 20:22

    Bring on Charlotte Powers 2!


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