Doctor-flipping-Who – A Good Man Goes To War #Spoilers, also #Awesomeness

05 Jun

More fun yay/notsoyay live commenting on Doctor Who; let’s begin! High hopes for this episode, high hopes indeed.


Ooh, this one’s gonna be good.


This feeling I’m experiencing right now, just as the opening credits start? This is what’s been missing from the last four episodes. This is why even Neil Gaiman’s episode was good-not-great. THIS is Doctor-flipping-Who.

“We’re the thin-fat-gay-married-Anglican-marines. Why would we need names as well?”

Very decent direction in this episode, a nice change.

“… thanks, nurse.” Ahahaha.

“But you must never tell him.” Oh, that’s so clever. No matter what else there is in a Moffat-written episode, you know you’re going to at least get some fantastic lines.

There are some things that are always welcome, and a big blue bald guy is one of them. Loved his little laugh at the end.

“Surprised.” You know, sometimes you see something coming a mile off and you just don’t care one little bit. I have to say, here, that I have a particular fondness for any episode where The Doctor doesn’t actually show up until way into things. I love that.

“Please, point a gun at me if it helps you relax.” I’m going to have to stop writing down every great line except no, I’m not going to do that, haha, this is a fun episode.

Space spitfires are back!

Mmm, angry Doctor.


Character/costume designs in this episode are exemplary. I especially like the Victorian maid with a waistcoat, tie and katana.

“They don’t put up a balloon or anything!”

“They’ve seen you.” And then Matt Smith’s amazing reaction. There’s a reason I like Matt Smith a lot more than David Tennant as The Doctor, and this moment illustrates it nicely; he can underplay just as well as he can overplay.

Oh far out that is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on Doctor Who. Nightmare. Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare.

“They’re always brave.” Beautiful, sad little scene. Hoping, hoping, hoping to see 8yo!Lorna Bucket running with The Doctor. Really liked her so much. Lovely little character arc. It’s funny sometimes, being a writer, part of you is always looking past what’s happening and to what’s going on beneath, so when something still gets you–still affects you emotionally–it’s kind of special.

And so, the ‘revelation’. As predicted, (- -) EXCEPT then it suddenly became (^o^) because of Matt Smith’s utterly gleeful acting, his little giggle, “Hello”, all of it, and this is really the magic of Doctor Who, the magic behind the magic, they can get away with this kind of thing because of I don’t even know what it is, except simply that; magic.

WHAT? That was NEVER an hour, that was NEVER AN HOUR! It’s somewhat poetic that a really great episode of Doctor Who feels like it changes the rules of time, so that an hour goes by in about five minutes.

LET’S KILL HITLER? Let’s Kill Hitler. The Doctor will be back in LET’S KILL HITLER? The Doctor WILL be back in Let’s Kill Hitler. THE DOCTOR WILL BE BACK IN LET’S KILL HITLER! Stephen Moffat you wily sprite, you are a playful so-and-so, so I do declare, so I do decree!

Not So Yay

Um … it ended?

And So

Three words, STUNNING return to form. All right, all right, four words, picky. And yes fine so everyone saw River Song being Amy’s daughter coming from a mile away, it still worked, mostly because of Matt Smith’s wonderful reaction. Great episode. Fantastic episode. NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT OH NOOOOOO~

Also, the Doctor will be back in Let’s Kill Hitler.


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4 responses to “Doctor-flipping-Who – A Good Man Goes To War #Spoilers, also #Awesomeness

  1. Mo

    June 6, 2011 at 07:15

    Wow, amazing episode! This is the kind of stuff I live for! The fat blue man was one of my favourite characters in this episode: characters like him are fantastic. The actor seems like a modern Sydney Greenstreet (who played Gutman in The Maltese Falcon, and was also in Casablanca).

    Lots of revelations in this episode for sure, particularly about The Doctor, which are usually the most interesting revelations.

  2. Ben White

    June 6, 2011 at 10:41

    I think what I liked most about it was that it felt so epic, but it wasn’t about the universe ending or anything like that, just the fate of a child and her mother. Making the story personal and yet still important (and, of course, epic!) is a good direction for Doctor Who.

    • Mo

      June 7, 2011 at 03:12

      Yes, the epicness was quite awesome, and..well, epic!

  3. Tim

    June 6, 2011 at 22:37

    What a wonderful episode. It lacks the grand concepts and sheer mind-twisting nature of The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, but as a mid-season finale it is a different beast, as it has to give us set-up as well as (a bit of) resolution. Moffat manages this masterfully.

    His masterstroke here is not just the story, it is in giving us three new characters – Vastra, Lorna Bucket and Strax – who have limited air-time, and yet by the end of the episode I was totally invested in all three. Strax in particular had some brilliant lines, and as a warrior-turned-medic, he provided a neat counterpoint to both Rory and the Doctor.

    Madame Kovarian fools the Doctor the same way twice, by giving him exactly what he wants – a bloodless victory. I wonder who is pulling the strings in the background, though. Kovarian is a bishop working with the Clerics, but she isn’t the king in this chess game.

    Even knowing in advance that River was Amy’s daughter didn’t lessen the revelation’s impact. The clues were all there anyway, not least Idris’s comment about the only water in the (Gamma) forest being the River in The Doctor’s Wife. Amy calling her baby Melody was the final tick in the box.


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