Can’t shut up about Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright

24 May

Something that you may not know about me is that one of my favourite game series of all time is Gyakuten Saiban, also known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Gyakuten Saiban 3 is a contender for my favourite game of all time, it’s got it all, suspense, drama, I laughed, I cried, I dropped the DS (to clap!). The final case is a thing of beauty, and the climax makes me feel all shivery just to think about. How much do I love this series? I’m seriously considering buying a 3DS just for the Layton/GyakuSai crossover game. Seriously considering.

Given my love for the series (and the characters and the art style and oh my goodness the music), my reaction to learning that Takashi Miike may very well be working on a live action movie based on GyakuSai left me deeply conflicted. On the one hand, it could work so, so well. On the other hand, it could be so very, very bad. We only get one shot at this! That’s the problem with adaptations–look at the live-action Avatar, by all accounts a terrible, ugly, awful movie. Yes, we can laugh this off, ahaha, oh what a silly person that M. Night Shyamalan is (I can’t believe I spelled that right first time), and we can say things like ‘the cartoon is still there, it’s still good’ but the fact is that Avatar would make an amazing series of movies if handled correctly, but because it wasn’t our chance is gone. Because an Avatar movie was made and because it was terrible and because it failed the opportunity to see a good live-action Avatar movie is lost.

So anyway, here are my hopes for the movie:

1) It’s suitably melodramatic and over the top. I mean REALLY over the top. Every performer has to give this their absolute all, the only reason GyakuSai works at all is because everything is so ridiculous, the level of ridonklitude establishes an internal logic and consistency that allows its amazing moments to work.
2) It cannot take itself seriously, except when it has to. GyakuSai has some incredibly stirring, emotional moments, along with all the hilarity.
3) ACTORS MUST BE AMAZING. Japan has some very talented actors. It also has some shockingly terrible actors. We want the amazing actors for this. We need the amazing actors for this.
4) It has to capture the spirit of the games, by which I mean whenever anyone screams “IGIARI!” there has to be a Scott Pilgrim-style visual sound effect up on the screen and everything has to shake and the music has to kick up a notch, which brings me to
5) MUSIC MUST BE PERFECT. The music is such an important part of the games. Using the blippy-bloopy music from the games in the movie would delight me.
6) Naruhodo’s hair has to be ridiculously spiky. I mean ridiculously spiky.
7) Um. Could it be good? Please? I really want this to be good.

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