Game of Thrones Episode Six – A Golden Crown

23 May


“… I’ll pin the damn thing on Jaime Lannister.” Hello, foreshadowing! Collect call from King Mark Addy Bastardpants! Will you accept the charges? ‘With interest.’

Creepy three-eyed raven is back!

“Well I don’t have it HERE.”

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY. Do I even have to write this one? MORE ARYA TRAINING YAY.

“Not today.” Hehehe!

Is it weird that it took ‘eating a horse’s heart’ for me to start caring what happens to Dany? Yes? No? Well, in any case, a small ‘yay’ there.

Tyrion and the jailkeeper. “Sometimes possession is an abstract concept–argh!”

And then Tyrion’s speech. “What happened next?”

Oh, Ned, Ned, Ned. You’re right, but you are far from smart.

“No. He did.” Tyrion’s champion; class act.

Hmm. A Lannister really does always pay their debts. Nice.

Oh my goodness the little shared father-daughter grin between Ned and Arya, that was adorable.


(No prizes for guessing what made me do this in THIS episode.)

Not So Yay

What the heck is going on with Robb’s accent.

In general, the writing wasn’t as strong as previous episodes, especially dialogue, although I thought Sansa was ‘truer’ here. Joffrey too, slick manipulative little git that he is. Also, the lighting in that scene was gorgeous. This really isn’t a ‘not so yay’ any more, is it? Oh well.

No Jon Snow! That’s two episodes he’s been missing for now, I want to see what’s going on with him and Sam.

And So

Overall, perhaps the weakest episode yet, certainly not as strong as last week’s. But a solidly entertaining hour of television and fantastically brilliant all the same.


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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Episode Six – A Golden Crown

  1. Mo

    May 26, 2011 at 04:13

    I love how Tyrion said: “You’re a *smart* man.” Great acting.

    • Ben White

      May 26, 2011 at 11:10

      Haha, yes, that was brilliant. Peter Dinklage does the same thing as Kevin Spacey, where he doesn’t ‘express’ that he’s figuring something out or thinking about something, but you can just see the little cogs clicking away in his head, it’s very clever and entertaining. ‘Show, don’t tell’ acting 🙂


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