Doctor Who – The Rebel Flesh #Spoilers!

23 May

Another week already? Seven days went by in a flash!


Casual attitudes towards death + instant clones = lovely warm Paranoia nostalgia for me. So yay.

“Who wants fish and chips?” Of course Rory does.

Dusty! Yes!

“Well, we’ve halted, how are we all doing on the calm front?”

“You know which one.” This is a formula I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of: The Doctor comes into a situation out of nowhere. He knows something bad’s happening but has no idea what it is. So he just bluffs, totally and utterly, until he’s assembled enough information to act on. I love it, every time.

Hahaha this episode would have given me nightmares for weeks if I’d watched it when I was a youngster, the face coming out of the goo? Half-formed goo-human? Ten year-old me is hiding behind the couch in the next ROOM.

“I never thought I’d have to say that again.”

For WEEKS I tell you, nightmares for WEEKS.

This is something that isn’t shown enough, and something I could do with a lot more of: Rory is a nurse. He’s compassionate and protective and he cares so much about the well-being of others. Great episode for Rory. Big yay.

Did I say weeks? I meant months. Nightmares for months.


I like the Tom Baker-ish feel of this, gothic creepiness and weird things lurking about.

Eyepatch woman! You’re back! We missed you last week. So how’ve you been?

Hmm. I’m kind of impressed the writer didn’t do any “Who’s the original?” mucking-about. Unless that’s going to be the wham moment in the second part, especially considering where Rory and Amy woke up and the ‘lost hour’.

Not So Yay

Against all sensible advice, Amy goes off by herself into corridors where a pipe could burst acid all over you at any time. She gets a faceful of acid and dies horribly. Well of course she DOESN’T but still. That wasn’t plucky or brave, it was just stupid.

Lots of minor stuff I’d feel really picky about going into–just things that made me go ‘hm’, like sudden unexplained motivation shifts and that kind of thing. Nothing huge, but the death of a thousand cuts meant this was just a good episode, rather than a great one.

I know this doesn’t have much to do with this episode, but I really miss Donna Noble.

Also nothing to do with this episode, but apparently Stephen Fry wrote an episode and it was deemed ‘unworkable’? So we almost got an episode of Doctor Who written by Stephen Fry, except now we’ll never see it? NOT SO YAY.

Actually, Stephen Fry AS The Doctor would be some kind of amazing.

And So

Totally unoriginal concept and one we’ve seen fairly recently in Doctor Who alone, but a wonderfully creepy episode all the same, I enjoyed it a lot–although I think mostly because finally, FINALLY, Rory got some proper time in the spotlight and some decent character moments. And he didn’t nearly die! Again. And again. And again. Like last week’s, not a great episode, but certainly a good one. Looking forward to the conclusion (I didn’t even realise it was a two-parter!).

Also, last minute thought, Flesh – Auton connection? Origin Of The Autons? Explanation for Rory’s greater prominence here? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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One response to “Doctor Who – The Rebel Flesh #Spoilers!

  1. Mo

    May 23, 2011 at 01:57

    Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. The creepiness was great! Looking forward to the conclusion.


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