LibraryThing Giveaway REPORT! And a nice review

22 May

Time for another LibraryThing Giveaway wrap-up! This time it was for Miya Black, so let’s see how we did:

Miya Black, Pirate Princess I: Adventure Dawns (35 copies offered in PDF or Mobi format)
Giveaway ran for one week, gathering around sixty interested persons in that time.
Responses to initial ‘bulk’ email: 28/35
PDFs requested: 17
Mobis requested: 11
Sales since giveaway ended (one week ago): 1 (it’s been a slow month)

Again, a noticeable bias towards PDF. I think this is great, actually, because it means I’m able to provide my books to more people. Twenty-eight more copies of my books out there in the big wide world, I can’t think of a single bad thing about that.

As an update on my other giveaways, hardly any sales for Birds of Passage this month (‘hardly any’ = ‘three’), and no sales for The Boy & Little Witch (so I think total sales for that one stand at ‘two’. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, MG is a hideously tough sell on the Kindle) (better cover art would help, as would illustrations, and I don’t think I’ll ever put footnotes in a book again, at least not unless the Kindle gains the ability to display them properly, clicking through is just too fiddly and they don’t work in the sample so they make the book look broken).

I’ve been getting some nice reviews from people for The Boy & Little Witch–I didn’t even ask for them! Here’s a lovely one:

Great Minds Think Aloud

Illustrations, illustrations, The Boy & Little Witch is one book I’d quite like to see traditionally published, my others I’m fine with just having in e-book form. So, any publishers out there reading this, looking for a new children’s book described as “…a must read book for the younger generation!”, well, you know where to find me! (Explicit Hint: It’s here.)

Meanwhile my Imogen Shroud giveaway just finished, and the response has been particularly enthusiastic–people just love that title!

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