The Characters, They Will Not Behave

21 May

Tearing through this book lately, just writing writing writing–and then suddenly a character goes, “Actually it makes no sense for me to do this, I’m going to do this instead. No, you can’t stop me. No, there’ll be no discussion. Yes, this means you’re going to have to outline my story.”

And I kind of go, oh. Okay. But I was kind of enjoying first drafting–

“That’s too bad, because now you’re going to have to do more outlining.”

But couldn’t I–

“This will improve the story. This will make for a better book.”

And of course I can’t argue with that. So I’m back to outlining and writing notes, but this will make the book better, and it’ll also allow me to lay a little groundwork for the next book in the series, so oh well. It’ll also probably bump the final word count over 200k but I figured I was heading that way anyway, might as just accept it now and be happy.

In any case, fifty thousand words written over the last, oh … six days? Seven? Something like that.

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