I might even have two!

18 May

So I think it’s pretty much official; I am the only person in the entire world who didn’t love The Doctor’s Wife. Now I feel like I missed something with it. One thing I didn’t mention in my Yay/Not So Yay was how much I liked The Corsair as a Time Lord name/concept, and how disappointed I was that he/she wasn’t in the episode at all (well, not as a character, anyway). Time-travelling gender-switching pirate? Oh yes please. This is something that Neil Gaiman does quite often, and to be honest I’m getting tired of it; he mentions something that sounds amazing, and then doesn’t do anything with it. A kind of bait-and-switch where the bait is far more interesting than the switch. Anyway, maybe I’ll watch the episode again sometime and see if it improves on a second viewing.

As for writing, it’s going very well, thank you so much for asking! 23,000-odd words over the last three days (despite writing nothing yesterday) and I’m really getting into the story now–I’m up to a nice juicy bit that’s come together really, really nicely, I wonder sometimes if my subconscious does this for me because it’s happened before, where I have separate storylines outlined and while I’m working on them I’m thinking “Oh far out, oh far out, this is never going to line up, it is going to be an unbelievable nightmare to figure out all these timelines” and then come the actual writing it just all slots into place perfectly and all that good worrying was for naught. My only worry now is about length, 70k already and growing strong, my best estimate at this point is 180k but who knows, could be longer, could be shorter. Already dreading editing, this is definitely going to have to be a staggered effort.

Anyway, just popping off to make a nice cup of tea and then it’s back to happily writing. I might even have a biscuit!

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