Long Weeks & Rainy Days, Aryaholism, Buttercream, Daily Goals

07 May

Are they making the weeks longer now? It feels like far too long since the last ep of Game of Thrones. I’m an Aryaholic and I need my fix–did you know Aryaholism is one of the greatest growing threats in the world right now? It’s true! Meanwhile I suppose I’ll just entertain myself with the new season of Psychoville. Hopefully they’ll do more episodes like that Hitchcock tribute, that was great.

Rainy, rainy day today. Miyario’s watching Coraline, Lunigi’s exploring a box of books, and there’s a recipe here for “Oatmeal Cream Pies with Cinnamon Buttercream” dear GOODNESS those sound like the most delicious things in the world. “Buttercream”! Not just butter, not just cream, but a fantastical combination of the two, ALSO WITH CINNAMON. In general, if a sweet has the word “cream” in it more than once you’re pretty much assured of a fairly good time.

Writing goals for today? Well, the good news is that because of my efforts last night I’m done with the character intros on Against Darker Days. 47k, all up, which is a teeny bit shorter than the first book, mostly because Christoph’s and Sorrow’s and Selene’s are fairly short. Sorrow is a character I need to give more to, actually, she’s great and I really want to introduce her in this book but right now she doesn’t get to do anything awesome. Oh no I’m about to consider adding a fourth storyline to the book ARGH I just considered adding a fourth storyline to the book. Which could work! It could work because then there’d be the two Rosanth storylines and two Crove/Targe storylines oh I do just love making more work for myself, don’t I? I just love that to bits.

In any case, I think it would be sensible to set Against Darker Days aside for now, for today and perhaps tomorrow, and work on something else instead. Maybe I’ll start an editing run on Miya Black III and take a look at Power Play, just have a ‘general’ sort of day to sort myself out with all the things I’m doing right now. Take another look at the Machine of Death short, I’ve had positive feedback about it and I’d kind of like to just submit it and be done. It’s been set aside for a good few days, now’s probably the right time to give it a final read.

All right then! Goals for today:

-Start an editing run on Miya Black III; let’s try for six chapters today.
-Look over Power Play notes, think about it, think think about it.
-Final read of Machine of Death short, possibly submit it.
-Oatmeal Cream Pies with Cinnamon Buttercream?

I’m fairly confident about achieving one of these goals.

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