Enjoying Editing (something is not right), Improvements, Docteur Qui

07 May

If I’m honest this whole Osama Bin Laden thing makes me feel a little sick, but at least it led to this:

Editing today is going … well. Suspiciously so. I’m actually enjoying it. Maybe because I left enough time since the last one? And also because I really did a lot of work on the last pass, tightening things up and generally bringing this book I wrote over a year ago up to my current level–one thing I am kind of kicking myself for now is not getting into e-publishing earlier, I should’ve been publishing these books as I wrote them. With every book I write I feel that I become a better writer, and so by comparison books I wrote earlier don’t seem as good. So even though Miya Black III will be released after Imogen Shroud, it was actually written over a year before I even thought of the idea for ImoShrou. Consequently, I feel it’s … what’s the word … ‘weaker’? Certainly not as good in terms of structure or even story. So as not to appear all ‘oh I’m a terrible writer and my writing is terrible’, I do still like Miya Black III, even more than the first two books it’s really an adventure and there are a lot of nice scenes and moments in it, and in terms of character development I think it’s really strong, not just for Miya herself but for secondary characters also, and I think the last quarter of the book in particular works very well … but if I was writing it today, there are things I’d change. Things I’d work on, things I’d improve, mostly structural.

Still, it’s a good book, and Miya Black continues to be my biggest seller (which isn’t actually saying much, but even so). I’m looking forward to publishing it and ESPECIALLY looking forward to finally moving on to Miya Black IV. I just want to read that thing again. Not until III is finished, though.

To close, one of my favourite Bill Bailey rearrangement/reimaginings:

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