In Which I Somehow Manage To Talk Myself Out Of Playing Games And Into Writing

06 May

Lately I’ve been thinking of making a proper website. Apparently it’s pretty easy to get WordPress to play nice with a minimum of fiddling and I think I’d enjoy the greater control. I don’t want to do anything fancy, just a basic layout with my books and bjournal and so on, very much like this except different. On the other hand, a lot of effort for little reward. Maybe when I’m not so busy with other things. (Note: I will never be not so busy with other things.)

I failed to meet my writing goals for today thanks to a general lack of ‘spark’. In this kind of situation I think you have to make a decision, either to press on regardless and write a flat, limp sort of thing that you know you’re going to have to rewrite the living daylights out of to get it into readable shape, or give up and play that insane soccer ball level of Bangai-O again. I did actually write a few flat pages, and after that I did chores and looked after daughters rather than play games, but now I have some time again and I think probably Bangai-O is the more sensible option at this point. (Note: Nobody has ever called Bangai-O ‘the more sensible option’ before, and they never will again.)

On the other hand, Miya Black III does need that final editing pass and then at least one more proof, and it’d be really nice to publish it this month … maybe I’ll just do a chapter, to take a break from Against Darker Days. That outlining was pretty intense, I could probably stand to use some distance from the project at this point.

On the OTHER other hand, I could just force my way through to the end of Christoph’s story no matter how bleh the actual writing is, hopeful for a sudden sparkling breakthrough somewhere along the way … I did set that as my goal for today, and it’s probably just another two thousand words or so oh bugger I’ve talked myself into it, haven’t I. Fine then here I go, writing writing writing like a good little author person.

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