Political (not really), The Being Nice To People Party (it’ll never catch on), Gratuitous Arya

05 May

I love this from a recent post by Neil Gaiman, about how he’s not very political:

“… if there was a party whose main platform was being nice to people, freedom of speech and supporting libraries I’d sign up for it …”

Me too, Neil! Me too. Actually I’d settle for just the libraries bit, they’re so important and they never get enough money.

Kind of a thing going on over here about ‘strong’ female characters in YA:

I considered commenting then kind of thought, “I’ve never encountered this anywhere ever, and my characters certainly don’t act like that, so, well, yes.”

Speaking of strong female characters, yep, you guessed it, another totally gratuitous Arya pic!

Arya Is A Sword

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