No I SHAN’T shut up about Arya, shan’t shan’t shan’t!

05 May

Wow, a review for The Boy & Little Witch already! I wasn’t specifically asking for reviews with this giveaway, but getting one is always nice. Also, I’ve sold three copies of Birds of Passage over the last few days. Coincidence? Considering the absolute dearth of sales over previous weeks, I’d say ‘probably not’. It’s interesting, far more people requested a PDF of the book than the Mobi file, so my feeling is that perhaps–just perhaps, and just a feeling–some people who received the PDF version then went and bought the Kindle version, just to be, well, brilliantly lovely. I know it’s only a dollar, but it’s a dollar they didn’t have to spend, and I appreciate that.

In any case, I feel good about the LibraryThing giveaways. It’s a really practical form of promotion, actually getting my books out there to people who are interested in them. To be honest I’m just happy that so many people WERE interested, whenever I do something like that I’m always a bit nervous that I’ll get no response at all.

Since that last post I’ve watched the Arya swordfight lesson four more times. Still nowhere NEAR bored of it. I love the two ‘shifts’ in the music, just so perfectly done. And Arya’s amazing little grin, how could you not love that?

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