Taking Time, Outlines (maybe finished?), Quiet Writing, Arya Again

04 May

Sometimes taking time away from a project is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes that time apart means that coming back to it is difficult, that the ideas that came so easily before just aren’t there now. Sometimes you have to spend hours just trying to find the threads you left dangling, to be able to continue them.

And sometimes taking that break is the best thing you could do, sometimes you come back and in two hours you have more good ideas and moments of sparkling inspiration than you had in the twenty hours previously spent on things.

With Resonance Book Two: Against Darker Days, thankfully the latter was true. Just ripping through the outline lately, really pulling things together, and with that comes this enormously reassuring feeling of optimism. Stayed up until half past three last night working on it, I just couldn’t tear myself away. It’s not exactly finished yet, but all three main storylines are plotted out, all the major events are connected. So, while I think about how much more I should outline, I’ve quietly been writing away, just working on the character introductions (two old characters, four new). I got stuck on one point for quite a while (the perils of working without a proper outline) but I figured it out today and managed to squeeze a decent scene out of it, I might change it later but it got me onto the next part, which is the important thing. JKW: Just Keep Writing.

Suspecting now that this is going to be a longer book than Birds of Passage. That’s okay for a sequel, right? Lots of stories to show, lots of character arcs to explore. It might edge against 200k. From my point of view, there’s only one problem with this: EDITING IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER. Still, if it takes 200,000 words to tell this story properly then 200,000 words I will use. Even so, I’m definitely going to have to ‘stagger’ this one, chaining editing passes on a book this long is just asking for burnout. An August release is looking increasingly likely. I don’t want to rush this one.

Also I’ve watched Arya’s swordfight lesson five times now and it still hasn’t gotten old.

Arya YAY

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