Game of Thrones Episode 3 – Lord Snow

03 May


Tyrion/Peter Dinklage, I have the feeling he’s going to be in every ‘Yay’ list because I just can’t justify leaving him out. Best thing about the show, the most compelling reason to watch.

Arya. Her fighting lesson was splendid. Special mention to the music, underplayed and perfect.

King’s Landing guard uniforms, nice.

Jon Snow is starting to kick some arse, isn’t he? A fast riser in my ‘favoured characters’ list.

Tommy Vercetti, showing signs of future greatness.

Far out, The Wall.

“I think he’s starting to like me.” That whole scene was fantastic.

Not So Yay

Accents, again. But that’s all.

And So

Look, if this show keeps going like this then I’m just going to have to maybe really start liking it.

Just got that the seasons in the GoT world last for years, it kind of adds another layer to things.

Bran looks a bit like a mini-Steve Coogan.


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