Doctor Who – Day of the Moon #Spoilers!

01 May


“You’re building me the perfect prison … and it still won’t be enough.” Hehe~

Rory having about five times as many ‘marks’ as anyone else, I don’t know why that appealed so much but it did.

Canton III, again. “So I guess they can’t hear us, right?” Just YAY.

Beardy Doctor YAY. In my personal canon The Doctor doesn’t need to shave; he CHOSE to grow the beard just to fit the circumstances.

TARDIS stuck to the side of a building TARDIS STUCK TO THE SIDE OF A BUILDING!

“It’s Neil Armstrong’s foot.” Oh, Doctor.

So actually, everything that happened before the opening titles was total YAY.

“Please excuse the writing”, ahahaha.

The marks generally were a great idea and very effective, especially in the orphanage when Amy’s trapped in the room. Marvellously creepy.

Truth help me, I really liked Nixon.

“No, I think she’s just dreaming”, ooh.

“Incredibly strong and running away, I LIKE her.”

“‘Cause look at me, I’m confident. You wanna watch that, me when I’m confident.”

“Nice hair, clever. Has own gun.” Look, just that whole scene, every single line was yay. I even enjoyed the River/Doctor flirting, and Matt Smith once again shows why he was chosen to be Eleven.

Time head.

So actually, everything that happened AFTER the opening titles was total YAY.


Not So Yay

The little ‘silence/silents’ flashback thing. Yes, I’ve been paying attention, didn’t particularly need a patronising little reminder.

River being condescending to The Doctor, you just don’t DO that. It wasn’t so prevalent in this episode, but still.

Canton III not a companion. Boo.

And so

Fantastic episode. Pacing, writing, direction, the way it was structured, just brilliant. Much better than the first part. Also, next episode, PIRATES? PIRATES! Ships and cutlasses and PIRATES! So kind of looking forward to that a little bit.

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One response to “Doctor Who – Day of the Moon #Spoilers!

  1. Mo

    May 1, 2011 at 20:47

    Yeah, the next episode looks awesome (can’t go wrong with pirates and mermaids)! Then it’s Neil Gaiman’s episode after that, yay. Doctor Who is BACK!


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