Hands Up Who Likes Me!

26 Apr

Two more lovely-jubbly sales today, both UK, one Miya Black and one Miya Black II, YAY. It’s odd that reviews don’t carry over between sites, the books are exactly the same, after all. But anyway who cares, sales! (It’s probably getting old, me getting excited about every single little sale. But it’s always so exciting, every time.)

With these two sales, I’m close to a sale a day for April, if you add them all up and spread them out through the month. Granted, a lot of that is to do with releasing ImoShrou, but still, I’ll take whatever I can get. I wonder now if part of the reason Miya Black is doing better than anything else is that it’s part of a series, and that the second book has already been released. I know I’m more likely to try a book if there are others after it. Maybe I’ll see a bump in sales for my other books once I finish the sequels.

Speaking of that, more outlining for Against Darker Days yesterday. I’m about halfway through the second and third storylines–these two have more interaction than the first storyline, so at certain points I have to stop and check what the other characters are doing. Lining everything up is going to be hard work, but I’m marking all the points where an extra day or two could be added or subtracted easily. I’ve also downloaded a program called Text Block Writer which seems good–you make little blocky notes and can then move them around as you like, I imagine this could be useful when the time comes to organise all of these storylines.

In any case, although it’s hard work, I’m really happy with how things are going. Structurally, at the least, this book is going to be pretty solid.

Also, wow! 106 people requesting The Boy & Little Witch, 38 requesting Birds of Passage! It’s kind of validating to see this kind of interest, if only for my poor fragile writer’s ego it’s been good to do these giveaways. Like some kind of genius I’ve managed to get both giveaways to end within a day of each other (some kind of genius as in, “Nice going, genius“), but still. I only have to write 25 emails a day for two subsequent days, that’s not too taxing. Really kind of glad I set the limit at 25 now. Writing 100 emails is not my idea of a good time.

It’s hard to pick a favourite Big Train sketch, since there are so many great ones. But I think this is up there:

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