New new NEW new new NuWho! That kind of snuck up, didn’t it? #Spoilers!

24 Apr


Basically the entire pre-title sequence.

Canton III, in part thanks to the always-reliable Mark Sheppard’s excellent performance. Reaaaally kind of hoping he becomes a new companion for this season.

Matt Smith continues wonderful.

“Don’t play games with me. Don’t ever, ever think you’re capable of that.”

Nothing to do with this particular episode, but this.

Not So Yay:

River Song continues to irritate. (Oh but all right the bit underground with Rory was brilliant, talking about the time she’ll meet The Doctor and he won’t recognise her–and we’ve already seen it, in Silence In The Library. River Song: brilliant concept, irritating character.) (Also, “Of course not.”)

(Silents In The Library? No, but surely not … surely not. Surely not?)

Amy Pond continues to be fairly flat and uninteresting.

Rory continues to not get nearly enough screen time.

The Doctor didn’t get his fez.

New alien-monster-things aren’t that interesting or scary or anything, really. Plus the ‘grey in a suit’ gag’s been doooone.

(Nothing to do with anything; Serial Experiments Lain, grey in a striped sweater, I still get freaked out thinking about that.)

And So:

Good start to the new series. Not great, but good. If Canton III becomes a companion or at least a recurring character then I’ll be happy happy happy. If River Song turns out to be Amy Pond’s daughter my face is going to be like this:


If River Song’s crime turns out to be killing The Doctor my face is going to be like this:

(-  -)

If Amy Pond just shot her own future daughter/young River Song then my face is going to be like this:

(    )

(That’s actually the back of my head, I’ve turned away in irritation.)

In any case, roll on the next! Gosh, Game of Thrones AND Doctor Who, I feel so very spoilt.

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