Chugging Along

24 Apr

Space is even more terrifying than I had previously thought.

Grrrrrreat outlining yesterday, zipped through a bunch of stuff, figured out some nice ‘quiet’ character moments, and now I’m almost up to the really fun/horrible part. Also, it’s Easter apparently! It seems like only yesterday that all right fine I can’t remember last year’s Easter at all. I guess there might have been some chocolate? And–oh wait, some things are coming back to me now, yes, there was an amazing ANZAC demonstration thing at Founder’s Park, simulated bombing runs and soldiers and nurses all running around, yes. That was fun.

Meanwhile, some kind of chocolate rabbit.

Today it’s a bit grey and a bit drizzly and a bit not so nice out, to be honest. What does that mean? Perfect day for outlining! Outlining outlining outlining. I think this book is the most difficult I’ve ever worked on, but it’s fun and satisfying.

“Truth is I thought it mattered. I thought that music mattered. But does it bollocks. Not compared to how people matter.”

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