Further cover faffery

23 Apr

Got rid of the ‘cloak in the wind’ and the rocks and did about a hundred other things. New logo, too, I thought the old one was a little too cartoony. The new one is closer to what I wanted, halfway between ‘stone’ and ‘gem’, and a lower saturation helps it fit into the cover. Oversaturation on the rock gives a better feel for the light of the scene, and it’s a nice effect. Highlighting on the figure gives it more texture and makes it more ‘real’, also helps anchor it. I’m happy with the blurry, almost glowing ’emerald city in the distance’ effect. Not entirely sure about the sky. Some alternatives:

I’m kind of leaning towards the last one right now, somehow it feels lonelier than the others, which I always like. I think the colour of the sky works well with the oversaturated rock, too. In any case, I feel like I’m close to ‘final’ now. When I start fiddling around with layers I know I’m close to the end. Anyway, I’ll sleep on it and look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes.

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