Resonance: Birds of Passage – Cover ReFRESH!

22 Apr

Being in a Resonance kind of mood today, I’ve been working on a new cover for the first one. Why? Well, the old one’s too boring. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with it, it’s just not interesting enough. Looking at it objectively, there’s nothing about the cover that makes me want to know more about the book. It’s fine, but it’s just a cover. Nothing special.

So I fiddled and I faddled and I faffed and I … fiffed, possibly, and I came up with this (old on the left for comparison):

Can I just say, here and now, I HATE DRAWING FEET. Feet are awful. So fiddly and … footish, I don’t know, they’re just really hard to get right. It’s no wonder I usually just leave them out, I mean look at Imogen Shroud’s cover, not a foot in sight and all the better for it. Also, although I kind of semi-rebelled against it at first, I’ve come to quite enjoy the extra width of the Kindle’s recommended cover size.

Even just looking at it now I can see so many things that need to be changed, but as a concept I think this is decent. Better than the old cover, anyway, more interesting and with more of an ‘identity’. Also, I love this kind of style–no details, just coloured silhouettes with a little texture. I haven’t sold any of BoP for, oh, weeks–none this month, certainly–so a cover change couldn’t hurt. Actually, neither BoP or Charlotte Powers are selling this month, it’s only sales for Miya Black that are trickling in (plus one shy of a dozen for Imogen Shroud, a respectable launch for an unknown indie author, I feel). To be honest I’m left wondering where even those Miya Black sales are coming from.

Anyway, I’m going to do a giveaway for Birds of Passage soon, because I’d really love for it to find an audience. I know, I know, be patient, don’t rush, give it six months before you start to question yourself or your book, but I don’t think that cover is doing it any favours. Hopefully with a fresh cover and a nice juicy giveaway I’ll get some interest before the sequel comes out (which won’t be for a few months at least, still slooooowly outlining).

To celebrate fresh new covers, let’s go to … the moon! DuckTales style!

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