Outlining, Travelling (gets tricky), Chugging Along, Intersections (not the traffic kind)

20 Apr

Remind me never to write anything with ‘travelling’ in it again, figuring out how to get all of the different characters to weave in and out of each others’ stories is too much like hard work. I don’t have a very ordered mind so I have to write everything down, and figuring everything out takes aaaaaaages.

Still, things are chugging along. I’m about halfway done with the first storyline, and I’ve got two ‘intersections’ that I feel work decently. Actually, one of them made for a nice character moment, a kind of parallel between two characters who seem totally different, but who both make the exact same decision, given the facts. Really nice and kind of surprising, it’s always nice when that happens.

Also, figured out how to make the climax of this storyline more interesting–a simple (well, complex) change of setting and suddenly everything works. Although I still haven’t figured out the details. It has to be really good or else it’s just going to seem unsatisfying, there’s a lot of build-up to get payoff for.

Well, anyway. I’ve been thinking about Game of Thrones over the past few days, and the more time passes and the more I think about it the more I like it. Certainly looking forward to episode two, it’s great to have a TV show to look forward to. Am I insane for thinking that it has kind of a The Wire vibe to it? Lots of different characters, lots of different stories, no ‘big threat’, just different people all with their own lives and desires and goals and varying degrees of cunning and ruthlessness. “You come at the king you best not miss”, ahaha.

Now I want to write a fantasy The Wire.

That would actually be really fun.

And put it in one city so there’s no blessed travelling to figure out.

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One response to “Outlining, Travelling (gets tricky), Chugging Along, Intersections (not the traffic kind)

  1. Mo

    April 20, 2011 at 11:30

    A fantasy take on The Wire would be pretty interesting! I still haven’t seen The Wire, although I mean to at some point.


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