Doing Just Fine

19 Apr

I sold three copies of Imogen Shroud overnight! Yay! YAY! I know this is the honeymoon period, new release and all that, but still, yay! Oh, so exciting. Releasing a new book is great. I’m getting lots of great feedback about ImoShrou’s cover and title, which is lovely–I just had such a good feeling about them, the title especially, and it’s always nice to have your feelings validated. And the idea for the cover came to me pretty much instantly, fully-formed, black-on-white, Imogen standing there with the zombies behind her–it went through several variations but the final cover is close to my original digital sketch. In fact:

Same concept, improved execution. Also, it seems like some people are a bit sick of gory zombie covers–there was a thread about it on Amazon’s ‘Zombie’ community, and a lot of the indie zombie books I’ve seen have used the same photos (which aren’t particularly good to begin with) (but then I don’t really like photo covers for books). I think the non-gory, more abstract, non-photographic cover is a nice point of difference. Hopefully in six months when it (also hopefully) starts showing up on the ‘also-bought’ lists of other zombie books, it’ll stand out as interesting and encourage people to take a look.

Today, more outlining for Against Darker Days, and probably some family activities. It’s a crisp, clear early Autumn day, so maybe a drive to see the changing colours, that’d be fun.

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