‘Working’, Freedom, Outlining (couldn’t write without it)

18 Apr

Taking it easy today, which means outlining and research. I love this part of the writing process, the ‘notes’ stage, everything’s so loose. Coming from editing and proofing, which is all about tightening down and polishing, it just feels so nice to have some freedom–to make big choices, instead of tiny little nitpicky ones.

In any case, I’m working on Against Darker Days, the sequel to Birds Of Passage. Charlotte Powers 2 needs to take a break, I need to make one really huge decision about the way I’m going to write it, and I need more time to think before I’m ready to handle that. And so, in the meantime, Resonance. The sequel has three main ‘threads’, each concerning a different group of characters, so I’m writing the outline for each seperately. It’s not so much an A Plot, B Plot, C Plot as it is three A Plots–everyone’s the hero of their own story, right? And then there are other characters who are doing their own thing, powerful forces influencing events–working everything out is hard work and a little bit headachey, but also a lot of fun. It’s like a huge puzzle, where you can change the shape of the pieces as you please–except changing one also changes others, and things that once fit together suddenly don’t, and then you realise that THIS piece isn’t even for this puzzle, it’s for another, entirely different puzzle, and that this piece doesn’t go here, it’s goes here, and … well, you get the idea. I have no idea how writers who don’t outline do it, if I just started writing this story I’d be lost within a dozen pages.

Anyway, back to ‘work’. I love writing characters who are clever, genuinely clever, but also a little bit too much in love with their own cleverness to realise they’re totally and utterly wrong. Fun fun fun.

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